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All right. Welcome everybody to the February. 00:00:16
Council meeting. 00:00:20
3. 00:00:29
And. 00:00:37
In the United States of America. 00:00:48
And to the Republic for which it stands. 00:00:52
One nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. 00:00:55
Here with us tonight, but nobody is a. 00:01:05
Help us on our hair. 00:01:10
Of the development. 00:01:15
Ancestry, Mobility, Walkability in Washingtonville, Hunger Island. 00:01:20
For copies of Thursday, he's working. 00:01:26
Said Wyoming is more a little more casual than what a lot of people. 00:01:35
We all broadcast in final 70. 00:01:39
Woman that can also see our agenda on Mater. 00:01:45
Going around, we have adopted a new symptoms for the second month. 00:01:49
Global product, so this one does not allow public comment. 00:02:01
People. 00:02:05
For. 00:02:09
For you. 00:02:10
On. 00:02:12
But Japan blocked and. 00:02:13
But that is how the new system works. 00:02:17
Tonight. 00:02:45
On the. 00:02:46
That's that we'll jump into. 00:02:48
So in fact. 00:03:00
Eating. 00:03:10
Give me. 00:03:21
Aye, all in favor, aye. 00:03:27
Councilwoman and mayor. 00:03:33
All right on the agenda. 00:03:44
Have a home department? What do you want to approve? That agenda I will need to make? 00:03:47
We have an appointment for the 7th County Board of Health. 00:03:52
And then? 00:03:56
And. 00:03:58
On the qualifications necessary for that, Kansas, the left candidate is going to be. 00:04:03
For a little while, I think. I probably hate to have nominated. 00:04:10
Keep that candidate. 00:04:17
From that. 00:04:21
Process performing. 00:04:24
On. 00:04:26
What? 00:04:29
Thank. 00:04:35
6. 00:04:48
We move on to administration of how to discuss our public. 00:04:58
#2 This is an important month for Washington. 00:05:04
14 years. 00:05:10
1515. 00:05:13
Reservations. 00:05:20
Planting. 00:05:24
One of the things. 00:05:29
And it is. 00:05:33
And Watsonville. 00:05:35
Whereas in 1872, Nebraska Board of Agriculture established a Central Day to 75 on the final three, whereas this holiday called 00:05:41
Harbor Day was supposed to go with the. 00:05:45
All the days now. 00:05:53
Cooling costs moderating the temperature in the air, which then provided that for wildlife and whereas traditional removal will be 00:06:02
a safer load for the woods. 00:06:08
My city is increased property value enhanced the economic. 00:06:16
PewDiePie community and whereas trees wherever they're pointing to their. 00:06:20
Add Brian Rogers for planning February 18th this. 00:06:26
All the days. 00:06:33
Further, I heard also the country is wagging the heart and promotional wealth. 00:06:37
1. 00:06:42
A lot of food planted. I'm glad you're here. A lot of you have done nothing to use Boston. So this is the proclamation of the day 00:06:43
Friday. Promise. I know you were going to report. 00:06:49
Absolutely. So thank you very much. So if again. 00:07:02
Arbor Day of 2020 racially donated some trees. This year they will be here at Cindy Hall on Friday. They will get their precharge 00:07:07
or do something. 00:07:12
They're being there all day. You're ready. 00:07:19
Additionally. 00:07:23
Out on Pike Mill Rd. 00:07:26
Giving away 3/5 and seven. 00:07:28
Freeze this week. 00:07:30
You're interested in any of those? 00:07:34
More information. 00:07:38
And. 00:07:42
Lisa Douglas, who drinks. 00:07:52
5 gallons, 50 gallon water. 00:07:57
We were playing people like. 00:08:00
That you may remember about 300th birthday in Washington. 00:08:05
Like. 00:08:11
Five months on. 00:08:14
All right, that's. 00:08:20
I'm going to move along with you. 00:08:23
OK, long time ago. 00:08:26
Thank you, Mayor. So you should have your general fund balance sheet. The expenses and revenues are right around 5860%. Again, you 00:08:30
know that some expenses come early, some revenues come in earlier, come in late, but that's about where we need to be seven months 00:08:37
in splashed one report. You may recall Splash One is all that money right now is dedicated towards the sewer line, construction 00:08:44
sewer line a through the industrial park along with about $904,000 out of Sloss 2. 00:08:52
Those are combined together for that project and then 465, sorry, 456,000 to set aside for the improvements that you see going on 00:08:59
next door at with the playground. 00:09:05
There are some additional revenues above that, about 41,000, but that money may be needed for any overages with sewer line at this 00:09:10
point so. 00:09:15
Sloss 3, yes, sorry. 00:09:20
That's the remaining fund. 00:09:31
Yeah. 00:09:44
Umm Sloss 3 is is the special purpose local option sales tax that we're currently receiving revenues in on. We budgeted over 7, 00:09:46
this is a 72. 00:09:51
Project or six year project? 00:09:57
Collection, we estimated we would be getting somewhere around 61,000, let's say 62,000 a month. As you can see, we're getting more 00:10:00
than that each month. Right now we're about 40, about $42,000 over our, you know what we budgeted council budgets at the lower 00:10:07
amount so that if there is a low month or there is a project that goes over that, there would be additional funds for that. So 00:10:13
right now we have an average of about 75,000. 00:10:20
Coming. 00:10:26
These are terribly small for everybody looking at them, but the council has a bigger picture and and if you're online you can see 00:10:28
that as well. These are just, I've mentioned before these the blue rose are the monies have been set aside in SPOS 3 for specific 00:10:34
projects or we, we like to call them buckets of money, public safety, recreation, roads and streets and then government facilities 00:10:40
and signage. 00:10:46
That the items underneath, unless they're red, are just sort of place placeholders for projects council believes they'd like to 00:10:53
spend that money on. The ones in red have already been designated. 00:10:58
And so this is just sort of a planning document that we use to help God Council with their with their designations and their 00:11:04
appropriations of money. 00:11:09
On American Rescue Plan, a couple things to note. Right now our balance sheet shows a little bit more than 430,000 in that 00:11:14
account. There are some outstanding about $96,000. There's a check out standing for CW Matthews for the Harden Hill Rd. Project. 00:11:22
And this is so. So what you'll see is our balance in the bank is actually higher because they haven't cashed that check yet. And 00:11:32
then a project came in about $35,000 under budget, which we're really excited about, but. 00:11:38
This is just again, this is a planning document. We keep track of interest that comes in on that money. The first allotment the 00:11:44
city got was 548,204 Fifty. 00:11:48
There are some additional funds You'll see at the top. On the 3rd row from the top, the state gave us some money for first 00:11:53
responders. There was a supplement to all of our police officers. 00:11:57
And so that money passed through this, but that's not part of the the Grant for American Rescue plan. 00:12:02
We will see another 548,200 and 450 July sometime after the 1st of July and council will be making decisions about how to spend 00:12:08
that money. Are there any questions? 00:12:13
All right, try to freeze through it. 00:12:20
Not. 00:12:27
On the economic reports, business licenses are coming in. Their due date is May 15th, so we're starting to get a lot in. We've 00:12:35
already had quite a few come in. For the month of January, we had 3030 business licenses to alcohol licenses. 00:12:41
On the plain permit side, most all of these projects are maintenance projects. We did have quite a few last month for Wire Park. 00:12:48
We expect more this month. In fact, there probably are already some that have come in for Wire Park and some other projects, but 00:12:53
these are all mostly residential maintenance ones. 00:12:59
Any. 00:13:05
I've been in my report for the month of February. 00:13:35
It's. 00:13:41
500 down until pretty much if you out there. 00:13:51
Proper. 00:13:59
Oper. 00:14:04
There are no questions on the report. 00:14:17
We have in. 00:14:21
You. 00:14:28
Hopefully there's a great event. 00:15:24
Unfortunately 101. 00:15:35
Next up. 00:15:41
Is our fiscal budget amendment. 00:15:48
Questions about that otherwise well. 00:15:52
I'll make a motion that. 00:16:03
Package. 00:16:18
Now we are here for and so. 00:16:22
What I will say is we have several items tonight. 00:16:29
Y'all. 00:16:55
1. 00:16:56
Walk through that. 00:17:01
But we have three key items on. 00:17:07
First one to thank the Bre. 00:17:11
Allow them as a traditionally and consider an application under that brand new. 00:17:13
10. 00:17:19
Similar to the next one that we have pertained to special events facilities. 00:17:21
Again, like breweries that are not currently permitted to be permitted as additional. 00:17:26
Is also an application. 00:17:33
Still did well and then finally thirdly. 00:17:37
There is a request for. 00:17:42
Artist. 00:17:47
Underst. 00:17:51
A request. 00:17:56
So each of these is in essence 18. 00:17:59
Second step is dependent on. 00:18:02
The Council actually approving the tax amendment allowing issues come in as it. 00:18:04
Additional use stand in the role of apply on the city code comments are to be related to agenda items 4 minutes per person. 00:18:10
Obviously we do not allow debate, argument, personal marriage. All remarks are we made directly into 10 council because there are 00:18:17
decision. 00:18:24
The way it will work. 00:18:34
First, there will be a staff report on. 00:18:35
And then the applicant or whoever is carrying forward the request. 00:18:38
Opportunities. 00:18:42
And any supporters? 00:18:44
And then if there are any opposed, they will also have an opportunity. 00:18:46
OK. 00:19:03
By right, for example, in a historic South main a residential use is always allowed. 00:19:04
If this is approved as a conditional use, should there be a subsequent request? 00:19:12
A special event facility in that district. It would always have to come back before council and meet that high bar. 00:19:17
Thank you. OK. 00:20:11
Go ahead, key podium, please. Yeah, that way Miss Julie can record comments. Thank you. And if you go ahead and state, I fail to 00:20:15
mention when you come to the podium, if you'll state your name and address, I appreciate it. 00:20:20
Use permit. Is that going to be if it's passed or not passed? Is it pertaining to just this one specific applicant? 00:20:33
Is there a? 00:20:41
If it's if it's passed, is it good forever? Is it for so many years? That's a good question. Here's the way it works #1. Council 00:20:43
has decide. 00:20:47
Number Are they going to allow breweries as special? 00:20:52
If they allow such a special uses, then the applicant can come forward that application. That applicant is seeking a special use 00:20:55
permit, also known as a conditional use permit. Once they obtain that permit, it is good for the life of the property or if a 00:21:04
restriction is imposed that is tied simply to the current owner. Slash operator, that is possible. So either it can be in 00:21:12
perpetuity tied to the land and can continue to be used, or if the council decides to impose a restriction, that it is. 00:21:21
Just tied to this particular operator, that is an option for this Council to consider in each instance. 00:21:29
But the text amendment does. 00:21:35
Continue regardless, correct. It's where once that text amendment, once that door is open, that. 00:21:37
The city will allow breweries as a conditional use that options will be in place unless and until at a future council meeting they 00:21:44
ever decide to reverse that, which is not particularly likely but theoretically possible. Similarly, special event facility, if 00:21:51
that is authorized as a potential conditional use, that will stay on the books under the zoning ordinance unless and until in a 00:21:59
similar process, which you'll see tonight, that may be reversed. Again, unlikely once. 00:22:07
The door is open once the use is allowed as a conditional use will then open the door for others to come in and request a similar 00:22:15
use. Does that answer the question? 00:22:19
That does, but again because it's a conditional use that has a high bar. 00:22:24
For that specific, whatever that future request might be when it comes back before us. Otherwise exactly it is case by case and 00:22:28
there is a long list of criterion. 00:22:32
Associated with any conditional use. It's not an automatic Gimme, so to speak, which is distinguishable from a standard permitted 00:22:37
use. It means that if somebody wants a conditional use of a special events facility or upscale tattoo parlor or. 00:22:46
A. The other one was a brewery. In any instance, those would have to be advertised in the legal organ. 00:22:56
A sign placed on the property and a hearing before this body potentially conditions imposed and on then and only then would the 00:23:03
use be authorized. So it is a multi step process and that's for transparency, due process and state law compliance. 00:23:11
With that background, we will get going. Our first one is going to be a public hearing. 00:23:23
Related to breweries as a conditional use in downtown attorney Reitman, if you would kick us off by proposing the amendment. 00:23:28
If there's any reports that need to be made and then open up the public hearing, please certainly. This is item number 8 on the 00:23:35
agenda. It is proposed to allow breweries only in three zoning districts. 00:23:41
As conditional uses, as stated, downtown mixed-use. 00:23:47
And historic Main Zoning District? Add one in the newspaper appearing very much like this at least 15 days in advance, specifying 00:23:52
those 3 zoning ordinances and referencing definitions of breweries and allowing breweries as conditional uses. Associated with 00:23:59
that is a proposed amendment to the zoning ordinance a brewery would be limited to. 00:24:07
The manufacturer of malt beverages on. 00:24:16
Contiguous to or within 100 feet of an eating establishment, meaning a defined restaurant, not separated from the restaurant by a 00:24:19
street or Rd. for safety reasons. Those are the key aspects of it, and at this time I don't know whether we have any additional 00:24:27
report either from staff or Mark. Is there anything additional you wish for me to mention or you would like to mention? 00:24:34
All right. At this point, I think it would be appropriate for the applicant to come forward not on your particular application, 00:24:43
but simply in support of this concept of adding breweries as a conditional use. Does the applicant in the next agenda item wish to 00:24:49
be heard on this initial aspect? Attorney Reitman, did we have to close public hearing or is this actually now going into the 00:24:55
public hearing? Yes. Thank you. 00:25:01
Good evening. My name is Stanton Porter. My address is 2925 Fern Hill Rd. In Bogart. 00:25:11
I'm here on behalf of the applicant. 00:25:19
4 breweries. 00:25:21
Assuming that this text amendment is passed, I will expand more on our particular application during that time. 00:25:23
As far as the text amendment that's in front of you now, I believe that the city's done an excellent job in crafting that to try 00:25:30
to, sort of. 00:25:34
Some protections that you like in place for having an establishment that's going to be a brewery and serve alcohol, think that the 00:25:39
end result is going to be something that you don't see is a whole lot different than restaurants that are here in town. 00:25:45
You're not going to have the feel of it being like a bar and that was sort of what was, I think that the intent was going was. 00:25:52
Um. 00:26:00
In drafting it this way with having it essentially contiguous to a restaurant itself. 00:26:00
And I'll get more into detail about the particular. 00:26:06
Application that we have that we intend to place at Wire Park but would ask that tonight. 00:26:10
That the City Council approved this text amendment and then here our application for the conditional use of our particular brewery 00:26:15
at Wire Park. I'm happy to answer any questions that you may have about the amendment itself and like I said about the particular 00:26:21
application, I'll I'll reserve my comments for that until the next agenda item. 00:26:27
Are there any comments from mayor and council? 00:26:34
Any comments? Questions from staff? 00:26:38
At this point, we'll turn it over to the public. Anybody wish to speak in favor of the request for a text amendment to allow a 00:26:41
brewery with the stated conditions as a conditional use in Watkinsville? 00:26:47
Hearing and seeing no comments. Anybody who wishes to speak opposed to the idea of a brewery is a conditional use in Watkinsville 00:26:55
with the stated conditions. 00:26:59
Hearing and seeing None the public hearing is closed is back. Beyond the dice to you, Mayor and Council, as to whether you wish to 00:27:05
consider this text amendment. 00:27:09
All right. We've talked about this for a few months. The amendment has been in front of you guys. I think we've all made our 00:27:14
feelings about the breweries clear and past meetings, but I'm open. 00:27:18
Any comments or motion at this point? 00:27:23
I'll make a motion to pass the. 00:27:29
Amendment to the brewery ordinance? Is that the? 00:27:33
To pass the amendment to zoning allowing breweries as a conditional use. 00:27:37
So moved. 00:27:43
All right, we have a motion. Do we have a second? 00:27:46
I'll happily second. All right. We have a motion. We have a second. Any further comment? 00:27:49
Hearing none. 00:27:57
Let's vote all in favor. Say aye. 00:27:59
Aye opposed. 00:28:01
Vote carries 3. 00:28:03
From council after the meeting, if you will sign this document, I think Sharon, Julie will have a copy that looks just like this 00:28:05
amendments to zoning, ordinance, etcetera, signature spaces on the back. Thank you. 00:28:11
OK. That then moves us on to the public hearing. 00:28:17
The applicant, which is South Main Brewing LLC at 111 S Barnett Shoals Rd. 00:28:21
Attorney Reitman, I'm going to turn it back over to you to make sure we do this the right way. Yes Sir. And just briefly, I have 00:28:29
reviewed the application for conditional use or variance. It references a location of Wire Park LL. 00:28:35
With the name of South Main Brewing, my recollection is this was duly advertised as being two suites within Wire Park at 1725 00:28:43
Electric Ave. The suites 414 and 415 J that are inside the food court. The food court being 1.35 acres and this just being too 00:28:54
small, sweet aspects thereof. And they do seek approval under the same conditions stated as the text amendment just passed. 00:29:04
Are there any comments from Staff Engineer on? 00:29:15
Hearing none will then turn it over to Mr. Porter, on behalf of his client, to talk about this specific application. 00:29:19
And this is now a public hearing. 00:29:27
Good evening again. My name is Stanton Porter. My address is 2925 Fern Hill Rd. That's why I'm here. Very excited to talk about 00:29:31
IS. 00:29:35
The addition of a brewery to city of Watkinsville. As just mentioned, the name of the brewery is South Main Brewing. 00:29:40
And the intent to have this brewery go into the Wire Park area? 00:29:47
South Main Brewing is founded by locals. 00:29:53
I'm here. 00:29:56
Uh. 00:29:58
All the guys that are part of this brewery, including our, our head Brewer and these are guys that live here locally. This is not 00:29:59
some Atlanta brewery or Atlanta company that's coming in. These are our local guys that are invested in the county here. They're 00:30:04
invested in the city. 00:30:09
And care about what's going on in this community. 00:30:14
South Main Brewing It places an. 00:30:18
On Community First brewing. And so the real intent is to involve the communities to create a space at Wire Park that's going to be 00:30:20
inviting for people to come to, to spend time with your friends and your family, and to just have this great inviting environment. 00:30:28
From its roots of home brewing right here in Watkinsville to the planned opening and historic Wire Park this is going to. 00:30:36
A great addition to Watkins. 00:30:43
There's a slide up in front of you that has just a little bit of the information and I want to touch quickly on that. I know that 00:30:45
it's a busy agenda tonight. 00:30:49
The ordinance itself for breweries is very detailed and as I mentioned in the text amendment, I think there's a lot of protections 00:30:53
that are in place in there. We're not asking for any variances from that. We intend to follow all those protections very strictly. 00:30:58
The the, the intent I believe behind those is very good. 00:31:04
The brewery itself is 2 sweets that are part of Wire Park. 00:31:10
I know many of you are familiar with. 00:31:15
It's taken up about a 3800 square foot unit itself. It's on the sort of next to the food court. 00:31:17
And. 00:31:52
Patrons that are in the food court itself could walk up to this area. They could order a beverage from the brewery without coming 00:31:53
into the brewery and enjoy that with their food and their family from the number of different restaurants that are going to be 00:31:57
there. 00:32:01
Umm. 00:32:06
I think that you know, just again I want to emphasize that the brewery itself is placing a high importance on community that the 00:32:08
the company itself is made-up from people from this community. 00:32:13
They've been very intentional about everyone that's involved, even in selecting me to represent itself. I grew up here in 00:32:19
Watkinsville and I practice over in Winder now, but that they wanted this to be. 00:32:24
You know something that Watkinsville could be proud of and that Oconee County could be proud of? 00:32:30
I ask that you approve our conditional use for South Main Brewing to to open and wire park and I'm certainly happy to answer any 00:32:36
questions that any of you may have about the brewery or or what it looks like going forward. 00:32:42
Mayor and Council, Any questions? 00:32:51
All right. At this time, I'll turn over to the public to be heard. In this public hearing, is there any member of the public who 00:32:57
wishes to be heard in favor? 00:33:01
Is there anyone in the public wishes to speak opposed? 00:33:07
Yes. 00:33:13
I was trying to understand how this is My name is Lawrence Stu. Can I live about 13 Barnett Shoals? 00:33:17
A minute ago I heard you say this really wasn't moving into having. 00:33:24
And does this have like a kitchen and tables and food? 00:33:28
I think it's a question for the applicant to answer. 00:33:32
Well, I think we can also address that the way that there's a brew pub separate ordinance from this if someone wanted to do a brew 00:33:35
pub. But the reason that we had to pass a brewery's ordinance is because they don't plan to have a kitchen. 00:33:41
The reason we constructed the ordinance this way, where they have to be within 100 feet of establishment that does serve food, is 00:33:47
to allow. 00:33:50
A brewery. Because a lot of, as I learned as I research this and we've researched this, a lot of breweries, they don't want to be 00:33:54
in the food business, right? 00:33:58
But from a health standpoint, from a safety standpoint, we felt like they needed to be in a place where their guests could have 00:34:01
access to food. 00:34:05
So this is narrowly constructed in such a way that if you have a brewery in Watkinsville, you have to operate within 100 feet of a 00:34:10
restaurant. 00:34:13
And you have to, and you cannot be across the road, so there's not a ton of places where you could establish a brewery in 00:34:17
Watkinsville is currently constructed. 00:34:21
So yes, it is a standalone brewery, but the way that the ordinance is written, any brewery would have to be within 100 feet of a 00:34:25
restaurant as defined by our ordinances. 00:34:30
So no, they will not have to have a kitchen and be an operating restaurant. That would be a brew. 00:34:36
OK. Could you do one with Whis? 00:34:45
No, we've not, we've not allowed a distilled spirits sort of distillery by this code, correct? 00:34:48
No, correct. This one is limited to. Let's go to our definition. 00:34:55
Malt beverages are manufactured. Malt beverages are manufactured, including for consumption on premises. Continues to within 100 00:35:00
feet of an eating establishment, not separated there from from street or Rd. for safety reasons. So again, strictly limited malt 00:35:05
beverages, Yes Sir. 00:35:11
So I wanted to make a whiskey bar. I just have to put it next to a restaurant and get a new. 00:35:17
You'd have to go through this entire process. We'd have to approve a distillery. We'd have to create does that. 00:35:22
I mean, that's a totally different. So something totally different. So I'm not thinking about a whiskey BBQ. I mean, we've had 00:35:27
people propose moonshine too, so you're not too far out there, so. 00:35:32
It's The Night is young. 00:35:40
Any other questions from the? 00:35:43
Yes, ma'am. Come on forward again, please. 00:35:46
40 Twin Oaks Trail. So is is the approval of this brewery contingent on restaurants already being approved in this space? 00:35:50
There's no restaurants that have been approved to date, but we do anticipate several restaurants, so the restaurants would have to 00:35:59
be in operation for the brewery, for the brewery. 00:36:03
There aren't any restaurants that move in. That would be OK, yeah. Then that that would not. It would not meet the letter of the 00:36:08
law, no. 00:36:11
So y'all better tell Mister Gibbs to make sure he's got some restaurants lined up. So Yep, Yep. I don't think he's, I think he's 00:36:17
got, I think he's got several on the way, so. 00:36:22
Good questions though, everybody. Any others? And do we have any comments that were submitted in advance in writing? 00:36:29
OK, very good. Well then we close the public hearing. It's before the Mayor and council. I'll direct your attention to the 00:36:37
applicants application that includes the standards and I'm going to hit the highlights of those. 00:36:43
At approximately page five of the. 00:36:50
Are several enumerated paragraphs and subparagraphs. Item 2 Conditional use not contrary to public interest. 00:36:54
Determine the conditional use will not be injurious to environment or other property in the vicinity. Will not impede normal and 00:37:02
orderly development of surrounding property for uses predominant in the area, location and character consistent with a desirable 00:37:10
pattern of development. And then in a related vein, item 4, Compatibility with adjacent properties and other properties in the 00:37:18
same zoning district whether the proposed use will create unreasonable adverse impacts upon adjoining land use. 00:37:26
And whether the length of time for which the permit is granted shall be limited in duration. Those are several of your key 00:37:34
criterion. 00:37:38
All right. Thank you, Joe. And it's the questions now back before the council. 00:37:44
Open to any discussion or motion. 00:37:48
I make a motion to approve the. 00:38:00
South Main Brewing application. 00:38:04
All right, we have a motion to approve. Do we have a second? 00:38:07
I will second. We have a motion in a second. Any further discussion? 00:38:13
If not all in favor, say. 00:38:18
Any opposed? 00:38:20
Motion carries 3/1. 00:38:22
All right. So you all now have a feel for the process we're going to go through on the next two, maybe a little slower, maybe a 00:38:27
little faster, but that's that's the process that we have to go through legally. 00:38:31
South Main Brewing, Welcome to. 00:38:36
Good luck with your operation and excited to see what you guys excited to see what you guys can do in the future. 00:38:39
You're welcome to. 00:38:45
I know, Mr. Porter, I think needs to stay. Maybe a few others. You're also welcome to go after your matters been decided. It's up 00:38:47
to y'all. All right, we're going to move along to our next public hearing. This is a zoning text amendment allowing for a special 00:38:51
events facility as a conditional use. 00:38:56
In the South Main Street Scenic. 00:39:00
Attorney Reitman, let's move through that again, please. 00:39:03
Yes Sir. Mr. Mayor, this again is only to be in the South main zoning district duly advertised pursuant to law. This one has a few 00:39:07
more moving parts because it has a more detailed ordinance associated there with a direct Mayor and council to the proposed 00:39:14
amendments. It's about a 5 pager part of your packet. It includes various and sundry requirements to essentially protect the 00:39:22
integrity of nearby neighborhoods that if the owner operated. 00:39:30
With an owner of 50% or larger interest, it'd be in a historic residence on a primary thoroughfare at an existing intersection. 00:39:38
And contiguous 2 are within 100 feet of a current commercial use and the residents being over 3000 square feet and on a parcel or 00:39:47
parcels over 2.75 acres. Those are very specifically stated requirements in the interest of protecting the integrity of existing 00:39:54
residential neighborhoods. Reference made to a floor plan having to be submitted no more than three special event facility 00:40:02
operator licenses in the city per year. 00:40:09
Inspections by the appropriate health officials considerations of impact on the neighborhood. 00:40:17
And a million. 00:40:24
Liability insurance 2. 00:40:26
Per occurrence also a limit to one weekend special event per week in one weekday special event per week and the operator must be 00:40:29
present on premises for all events and maintain a guest log. 00:40:36
Operation of course, has to be respectful of neighboring residences. Must conclude by 11:00 PM. Very limited signage, no formal on 00:40:43
site sit down restaurant meals, very limited meal prep such as smoking, BBQ, grilling, hamburgers, fish fries, etcetera. 00:40:53
Any malt beverages and wine we shall only be served by a licensed alcohol caterer and limits on a number of persons per thousand 00:41:04
square feet of heated residential space and limits to total number of persons per acre in outdoor yard and garden scenarios. So 00:41:11
those are the key components of a fairly detailed ordinance, again designed to maintain the integrity of nearby residential areas. 00:41:18
Are there any questions from Mayor and Council in regard to that? 00:41:25
All right, staff, any comments from you? All right. At this time, we're going to open the public hearing. Mr. Porter, I understand 00:41:34
that you're representing a client who's interested in this concept in Watkinsville. Do you have comments on this? 00:41:40
Thank you again. My name is Stanton Porter. My address is 2925 Fern Hill Rd. 00:41:51
I think Mr. Reitman did a good job of sort of hitting the these very specific requirements that are part of the text amendment. 00:41:57
That's in front of you tonight. 00:42:05
I want to just highlight in general with that specificity you talk a little bit about. 00:42:07
The South Main Street scenic corridor, we're talking about this area right along South Main Street. I'm going to talk about the 00:42:13
particular property that we've we're going to ask for in the next time. But we're not trying to or or that this amendment's not 00:42:20
trying to put a special event facility, you know, in a very densely residential area. And there's already in the code itself now 00:42:26
certain things that are allowed in this South Main corridor that aren't too far different or some people may even find more 00:42:33
obtrusive or. 00:42:39
Would create. 00:42:46
You know, could be more obtrusive to people in the area, so things like a bed and breakfast, a cafe, restaurant. 00:42:48
Outdoor dining area and a small scale restaurant are already allowed. 00:42:54
In this South main corridor. 00:42:59
And so, you know, really what my client was seeking and coming before the City Council was let's don't try to to force what we 00:43:01
want to do or what he wants to do into, you know, let's just call it a cafe restaurant, but it's only open one or two days a week 00:43:08
when they're going to have an event. 00:43:14
Instead, let's do it the right way. Let's do this text amendment. 00:43:20
But to try to pres. 00:43:24
The the fact that there is there are residences in the area, let's create one that has very strict limits on. 00:43:26
When people can be there? How many people can be there? The number of events? 00:43:34
And So what you what you've got is a real balance between protecting that area, the people that do live there, but at the same 00:43:39
time. 00:43:43
Doing something that's good for Watkins, Ville, that's going to be a benefit for the area. 00:43:48
Like I. 00:43:52
In the next Pope portion, I'll talk specifically why this particular application should be granted. But I do think that this 00:43:54
Watkinsville did did not have or does not have you know a definition for prior to this what a special event facility or what 00:43:59
special events would be. And so you know in the code itself and so that's what we've attempted to to work with the city on 00:44:05
creating and create one this very narrowly defined and and it's going to have those protections that I think everybody in the area 00:44:11
would want. 00:44:17
Certainly happy to answer any questions that anyone has. 00:44:24
Mayor, Council, Any questions for Mr. Porter? 00:44:27
Thank. 00:44:31
Yeah, I do have a couple questions. The. 00:44:33
Well, maybe We'll wait until we see if this, see if this passes. 00:44:37
The once per weekend, once per week construct. That's two events potentially per week. 00:44:42
The 11:00 timing. 00:44:48
A weeknight seems a little bit late to me. I mean, you and your partners and we can talk. We could probably. 00:44:51
I guess I just wonder if on a weeknight it seems to me that the noise should be gone a little sooner than 11:00, there wouldn't be 00:44:57
any objection. 00:45:01
I mean particularly I think if you were talking on. 00:45:05
You know. 00:45:09
If we say weeknight, maybe you'd say even Sunday through Thursday, right? 00:45:09
You think Friday is technically a weekday, but right? And even if if we are sort of jumping to this particular facility, the. 00:45:14
I think 2 a week is. 00:45:23
Very rarely, if ever even seen. You know, it's more like. 00:45:26
You know, one every couple weeks, but the idea is that you know there would be. 00:45:30
A lot of places that have things have every week. 00:45:36
Or certainly some places have stuff multiple times a weekend and so I think that was suggested and I think this. Actually I didn't 00:45:39
mention this, but I think this. 00:45:43
Text amendment is modeled similarly after maybe the city of Madison's. And so you know, I think that Madison's done a great job in 00:45:47
sort of balancing like this residential area in their downtown port or that Main Street areas got all these beautiful houses. But 00:45:53
at the same time, a lot of reasons why why we know that is because some of us have been to an event. 00:45:59
Whether it be some kind of little party or a shower or get together at one of the facilities there that do host some events. And 00:46:06
so you know that was the model for this, what you have. And then it's been tailored a little bit more even to what Watkinsville 00:46:11
needs are. 00:46:15
Thank you. 00:46:21
If there no further questions for Mr. Porter, has anybody in the public who wishes to speak in favor? 00:46:25
So anyone who wishes to speak opposed. 00:46:31
Yes. 00:46:36
My name is Kathleen Mcquiston and I live at 13 S Barnett Shoals Rd. 00:46:44
Which is about two or 300 feet from this facility that is proposed. 00:46:50
The main problem we're having it is. 00:46:57
There is no easy access out of. 00:47:01
In or out of that property. 00:47:05
And. 00:47:07
No matter which drive where you ex. 00:47:08
You're coming on into there's no light. 00:47:11
Not if you're coming straight across on the Barnett Shoals, not if you're turning down 15. 00:47:15
So I don't think that's a good idea, especially since pretty soon we're going to have Wire Park with I don't know how many 00:47:21
residents are there and the place Wisteria Ridge is opening up there's a senior facility it's more and more traffic and if that 00:47:26
intersection. 00:47:32
Is loaded with people coming in a **** eyed way into the intersection. I think that's dangerous. 00:47:38
And secondly, I don't need a special events in my town. I think there's plenty of them around. Ashford Manor was very successful, 00:47:44
but they had their traffic going in and out of Hardin Hill. They were parking at the church. 00:47:51
So if there's an overflow of traffic, where are they going to park? 00:47:58
Umm. 00:48:04
That's my comments. Thank you, ma'am. And those are site specific comments and I would like Mr. Porter to address those. Not now, 00:48:05
but once we get into the site specific which is the next hearing. So that will be addressed. 00:48:11
Intersection would meet that criteria in rock. 00:48:18
That's and that's something Mr. for when we get to the site specific we'll we'll address that. Thank you. 00:48:22
Are there any other comments, pro or con, in regards to this proposition? 00:48:28
Anything from. 00:48:34
Yes, ma'am. 00:48:36
My main concern is. 00:48:38
Concerns is where they would be parking. 00:48:40
The noise, if there's any music there or anything like that, there needs to be a limit on how high they could turn them the volume 00:48:45
up because of their near residential areas. 00:48:50
So once we get to the site specific, which will be the next public hearing, Mr. Porter, if you will address parking and noise, 00:48:56
please. Right now we're still in the text amendment stage. We're not quite to site specific, although ma'am your concerns are 00:49:01
understood and they will be addressed and discussed in the next hearing. Thank you. 00:49:07
The comments or did anything come in in writing miss? 00:49:14
I've not received anything. Right. Thank you attorney. Right. Well, I was mayor Broderick had mentioned about the the hours. I 00:49:19
didn't know if under item G on page 4 under event requirements if you would want to, if the council wants to consider a, you know, 00:49:25
Sunday through Thursday a certain time and Friday, Saturday, right. I've been written in 10:00 PM weeknights at that location and 00:49:31
that be my suggestion. But that's council's pleasure. 00:49:37
If there are no further public, I think I hear one more public comment. Yes, please. 00:49:44
Will Ashford a little bit, 5 Harden Hill Rd. Which is directly next. 00:49:49
I'm not necessarily opposed to special use of that property, I'm concerned more about the time. 00:49:53
I mean, I've got a young family. I know other families in that area that have young kids. They go to bed at 8:00. 00:49:59
I just worry about you. 00:50:05
Outdoor bands or something with the volume up really high, it goes to 11:00 PM. 00:50:07
We have to leave our house, essentially. That happens. I'm concerned more about. 00:50:12
And since we're now discussing kind of a general issue of time frames, both weekend and weeknights generally, Mr. Porter, if you 00:50:18
don't mind, go ahead and. 00:50:23
Addressing what times you would be comfortable in this text amend. 00:50:28
For shutdown on both Friday, Saturday nights and Sunday through Thursday nights, Mr. Mayor, if you want to have him to address 00:50:33
that. 00:50:37
Yeah, that's fine. And I think we also need to mention that we do have a noise governance, Mr. Ashford, that would govern, govern 00:50:41
some of that. So there's a noise ordinance that would also provide. 00:50:46
Um. 00:50:51
Guidance. Now, I don't have that in front of me. I haven't looked at it in this context. So we'd need to take a look at what the 00:50:52
noise ordinance does. I know that. 00:50:55
Mario and Dave are probably probably have somebody sitting out there who's more familiar with special events than all the rest of 00:50:58
us combined. So so anyway, but there is also a noise ordinance that does, does govern that to some degree. Miss Lafontaine 00:51:04
probably made some of that noise in the past at some of those events too. So beautiful noise. So but anyway Mr. Porter come on 00:51:09
forward and address that. 00:51:15
It's a little hard to separate the text amendment as a general idea and this particular project like the our application about 00:51:25
this the site specific. 00:51:29
I don't think there's any issue. 00:51:35
At 10:00 on a weekday, as Mr. Reidman mentioned, I would ask that, as I said that that'd be more of a Sunday through Thursday and 00:51:39
11:00 on a on a Friday and Saturday. 00:51:43
In terms of noise itself. 00:51:49
You know as the mayor just mentioned you know certainly are not asking to to vary from the noise ordinance that that would already 00:51:53
be in place. I think that you know it if a. 00:51:58
If there was a downtown concert or something going on that that's already could happen, I mean, it'd be this same kind of 00:52:03
situation. 00:52:07
In looking at it site. 00:52:11
The. 00:52:13
Events that are going to take place there are ones that I hate to get too much in the site specific park are ones that have 00:52:15
probably been going on there at this site. Everybody knows this, this, you know, historic building for years. I know my wife went 00:52:20
had a baby shower there in 2013 and so, you know, we're thinking smaller. These aren't loud wedding parties, you know, loud 00:52:25
concerts. 00:52:31
Instead think more. 00:52:37
Rotary get Togethers men's. 00:52:39
Bridal showers. 00:52:42
Small get togethers, you know if we place a restriction. So the time is more that if you had a had a group of guys, a men's group 00:52:44
that got together. If you know if we're following the technical definition of the ordinance. 00:52:50
And it says it has to end at 10:00. They they've got to vacate the property and leave at 10:00 on a Friday night. And and if 00:52:55
they're inside or you know, sitting outside not making a lot of noise, not certainly not violating any noise ordinance, which 00:53:01
would be the same as as if somebody were playing loud music at their house in that same area. We wouldn't want to our our ask is 00:53:07
not to restrict the ability to do that. We want to be good neighbors. That my client wants to be a good neighbor. 00:53:13
I would like to think that. 00:53:21
The people in that area won't really notice that it's even there, or notice a whole lot different from how the property's been 00:53:22
used historically. 00:53:26
Because but but again just want to do it the right way and do it have an ordinance and then have some rules to follow. 00:53:30
I have a question. 00:53:37
It's not for you per SE, but the times. Let's say 10 or 11:00 PM, whatever it is. 00:53:41
Is that specific to the event or the the noise? 00:53:47
Or can we have one for each I guess? 00:53:52
Like you know, let's say if there is music, let's say it has to be done at, I mean Ashford manner. What? What time did the concert 00:53:57
stop? 00:54:01
Self-imposed limit and so. 00:54:05
Well, always ended at. 00:54:09
Never. 00:54:12
All events then DJ's whatever the case. 00:54:13
Never went. 00:54:18
10:00 And if the band of the D. 00:54:19
We went beyond that. The client could potentially lose their deposit. 00:54:22
And that we did because we had. 00:54:28
We didn't have neighbors on the church side, obviously, but the Thorntons were living next and they were great members. They 00:54:31
didn't complain because we complied with those rules. 00:54:36
With about too loud they call us and we have the bandwidth of these things, right? 00:54:41
But we never went past. 00:54:46
Yeah, I like the idea of. 00:54:49
I like the idea of it. 00:54:53
Having two different times, I'd say there's no. 00:54:55
Time. And then there's an event time, I guess. 00:54:58
And currently as drafted item G that Miss Dickerson alluded to G1 special events non daylight hours shall conclude by 11:00 PM. 00:55:02
And what we've discussed here is dialing that back to 10:00 PM on weeknights, that's the event duration. 00:55:12
As far as outside noise, you could add a separate specific parameter for outside noise that even though the outside event ends at 00:55:19
11:00 during the weekend, you could say outside noise would end at 10 on the weekend. But this is discretion of council. How does 00:55:25
Council Mayor, I feel advised Mr. Tool I noticed you've come forward why don't you? Why don't you step up here and give us your 00:55:32
thoughts on this as well and. 00:55:39
You know, obviously we've got the precedent of Ashford Manor haven't operated. 00:55:46
That neck of the woods for a while and with minimal complaints. So I'm kind of curious. And your take on their their model here. 00:55:51
All right, well, Mayor Council, thank you for letting me be here, first of all. 00:55:55
Why don't you offer your full name and address for the benefit of the group? 00:56:00
Thank you. 00:56:05
First of all, Mario, you know this. We've been good neighbors. We're going to continue to be good. Neigh. 00:56:07
That's not to say anybody's never got too loud. Of course people have gotten loud at anytime and that throughout you know, all of 00:56:13
history. I don't we don't have any problems with time constraints from that standpoint because we want to continue to be good 00:56:17
neighbors. 00:56:21
I've lived here 12 years, I love this community and the last thing I want to do is. 00:56:26
Actually, I got preachers. Definitely. 00:56:31
At the end of the day, we want to do what's right. We also want what's fair and what's equitable. But we do. I mean, if we're 00:56:36
having a no calf event or if we're having a Rotary event or whatever that may be, we do still want to be able to have fun, shut it 00:56:41
down at a reasonable time, and everybody go home safely. 00:56:47
And that's pretty much all I have to say, unless there's a specific question that somebody will have. 00:56:54
No. So my question is actually to the to Mario and the Ashford, if you don't mind me asking you directly, I mean so they, I don't 00:57:02
know, Mr. Tool, y'all been neighbors for. 00:57:08
A couple years maybe. 00:57:15
Two years. Has there, has there been any issue where you're like, Dang, I wish they would shut up. 00:57:18
Their work, hate events, these are these are private events that he's having with his friends and family that I know of. 00:57:27
Sorry, I apologize. 00:57:34
So I think there's a difference what the events that we had at our place they were paid events so and I. 00:57:38
Can we, are we moving forward here because actually I know we've kind of well, kind of blurred the line. Well, I think it's I 00:57:46
guess what I'm getting to is I think the reason I think it's important to hear this in the context of the amendment is because it 00:57:50
would apply whatever we talk about would apply. 00:57:55
To the amendment, not just to this property, right. And so, so philosophically if you could limit it to the idea of in the South, 00:58:00
the conditional use in this quarter what the, what timing might make sense here would be helpful so. 00:58:07
We actually ran an event facility out of Seven South Main. 00:58:17
And so. 00:58:21
But I don't know if you want me to go into that now because I've got a bunch of notes on our restrictions. 00:58:23
We weren't allowed to have amplified music outside. We were only allowed to. Do you know, should I go ahead and do this? No, 00:58:29
probably not. Yeah, I guess my question. 00:58:34
7 S Main to Ashford. 00:58:41
It's two different things, especially because we already ran an event facility out of Seven South Main, so we had rules and 00:58:44
regulations that we had to abide by. 00:58:49
So I wanted to just basically tell you guys about those were because if we had to abide by them then what's the difference? What's 00:58:54
why don't you give us a thumbnail of what those are And then I have a question for Mr. Tool and then we'll come back to the long. 00:59:00
You just hit the hour, hit the hour part. That's what I that's just the hours. Yeah. So the hours again. 00:59:06
Concerts 9:00. 00:59:14
That was it. No if, ands or buts. 00:59:15
Any other events? Weddings, benefits, anything else that we did? 00:59:19
10:00 no if ands or buts and we were very serious about. 00:59:24
And that was just our agreement with our neighbors and we. 00:59:29
Never went beyond. 00:59:33
So, all right. So that's that's how that worked. And that was self-imposed. That was something that we did. Nobody asked us to do 00:59:34
that. 00:59:37
All right. OK. We'll come back to the specifics then, OK. 00:59:41
I guess what I'm wondering, Mr. Tool, is you know the IT sounds like there might be an hour differential perhaps in what Mr. 00:59:46
Castro outlined. 00:59:49
In five and seven South Main. 00:59:53
Is that correct, Mario, in terms of your limitations on the two properties in our differential and what you were talking about for 00:59:55
9 versus 10? 00:59:59
In. 01:00:04
Didn't have nothing to do with Ashford Manor versus Southern. 01:00:07
I. 01:00:10
All. 01:00:12
I guess my question for. 01:00:13
The historic Ashford Manor. 01:00:15
That, Mister? Castro outlined. Would those be acceptable to you guys as a condition of this? 01:00:18
OK. 01:00:23
That's what we want to be. We've been a good neighbor. We're going to continue to do that. We're not changing it because of an 01:00:26
amendment or anything else. That's the right thing. OK, well, I can't make, I can't make or amend a motion or text amendment. 01:00:30
That'll be up to council what they decide to do. 01:00:35
Council. 01:00:39
Comfortable with the motion as it's proposed, you can carry it forward, you can adjust the text amendment. We can also Joe, if 01:00:41
it's legal, we can look at specific any specific restrictions related to this permit. 01:00:46
Versus having to have it apply to the entire text amendment. So that's the Charles discretion. I think we need to decide if we're 01:00:52
going to move this. 01:00:55
Text amendment forward at this. 01:00:59
My work that we can decide if we're going to spend the rest of the time talking about the specific. I think the recommendation 01:01:00
would be to be uniform in these timeframes. So have the text amendment, not only reference, conclude by the event in general to 01:01:06
conclude by 11:00 PM Friday and Saturday. 01:01:12
By 10:00 PM Sunday through Thursday, but also outdoor music and concerts would end at 9:00, and all outdoor events would end at 01:01:18
10:00 PM. That's a starting point for discussion, subject to tweaking, revising, either direction. 01:01:26
All right, Council, I'm going to turn it to you guys so we can drive this to a conclusion on this part. Yeah. So my question kind 01:01:35
of like Jeff's is. 01:01:39
If. If. 01:01:43
We're having a men's group or whatever they're having a men's group. There is if they're inside, not causing any noise outside, 01:01:45
does that still have to end it? 01:01:50
10:00 PM Not as, not as I've just stated. They still allowed to have events through 11. 01:01:55
Friday and Saturday evenings through 10 Sunday through Thursday evenings, but any outdoor music and concerts must end at 9, Poet 01:02:02
Mario stated. 01:02:07
And outdoor events in general, even if they don't involve outdoor music, Slash concerts and at 10 is a hard deadline. Again, 01:02:13
starting points for discussion Y'all are just up or down as you deem appropriate. 01:02:20
Seven days a week. 01:02:30
As stated, yes as subject to adjustment up or down and whether you want to differentiate between weekend and weekday. 01:02:33
So. 01:02:42
Only problem with that is that I mean I don't really have a problem but. 01:02:44
You know, our ordinance says 11:00 PM. So I mean if I, for instance, want to throw a big party at my house. 01:02:48
Until 11:00 PM that's. 01:02:55
But. 01:02:57
Can't. 01:02:59
I don't see how that's rightfully fair and I understand, Mr. Ashford, you bought the property. 01:03:01
I just don't see how it's rightfully fair that I can throw a party at my house a half a mile. 01:03:08
From your house. 01:03:13
Until 11:00 PM. 01:03:14
And they. 01:03:16
I mean, and if they want to end it at 9 for their own reasons as Mario did, that's that's up to them. 01:03:18
But I don't see how. 01:03:25
I can oppose something on you that. 01:03:27
I'm not. It's not imposed on myself. You may be looking at an amendment to your noise ordinance in their future maybe it sounds 01:03:29
like, but currently it's not there, so. 01:03:33
Between paid events and private events. 01:03:38
All right. So, so from the audience, we just heard the difference in paid an event space. Let's keep it behind the rail though for 01:03:43
now. But thank you. That's important distinction. 01:03:46
I think we should add the. 01:03:52
Amendment to it as far as the noise for the special event. 01:03:55
Shall stop at 9:00 PM and they go to the 11:00 PM for weekends. 01:03:59
Ten Sunday to Thursday, if we can modify it to that. 01:04:04
That works for. 01:04:08
So, Mr. Campbell, so I understand your modification, it would be noise ends at 9:00 PM regardless of the day of the week. The 01:04:09
events themselves can go on till 10. 01:04:13
Sunday through Thursday. 01:04:17
11 on the weekends, is that correct? That's. 01:04:20
Mayor, can I can I also point out that it doesn't matter if it's four in the afternoon or six in the evening, the the way the 01:04:27
noise ordinance works, at least what I've been able to pull up really quickly. 01:04:32
Is that sound is regulated but it's basically you can't amplify anything outside of 100 feet. So if it's audible outside 100 feet 01:04:40
it could be 6:00 in the evening and it's a problem and that's an ordinance violation so code violation so so the only not I I love 01:04:46
jealous property. I really did I went to a lot of events can I speak. 01:04:53
I did. I went to a lot of Y'all's events. I enjoyed the concerts on the lawn, but when I did not go to the concerts on the lawn, I 01:05:02
live in Christian lakes and I could hear the concerts from my home very, very clearly on my back porch. 01:05:08
I just just putting that out there so you know, putting a regular, you know, noise regulation on that. I mean I can very clearly 01:05:14
sit and I did many times sit on my back porch, enjoy a glass of wine and enjoy the music that was being played. 01:05:21
And I. 01:05:28
Pretty good distance away so. 01:05:29
Just putting that out there. 01:05:33
If I'm sorry, if you can get to the mic. If you're if the if the mayor council are taking comments and that's their discretion, 01:05:36
we'll carry on. 01:05:40
Yep, I understand. 01:05:45
All right, Yeah. We're going to close the public hearing, bring this back behind the rail and we'll let's talk about Mr. 01:05:51
Campbell's proposed amend. 01:05:55
To the text amendment. OK. So will you state that again, Jeff, So just so we're all clear and then we'll see if we get a motion on 01:06:00
that. 01:06:03
I'd like to add an. 01:06:08
To it that the more outside nor you shall stop at 9:00 PM seven days a week. 01:06:09
And then that the event has to end at. 01:06:16
10:00 PM Sunday through Thursday and Fridays and Saturdays it can go to 11:00 PM. 01:06:20
OK. So can we say that's in the form of a motion to be added on to the existing text amendment? 01:06:27
So, yes, yes, so moved. OK. Do we have a second? All right, now we have an opportunity for discussion. Does anyone want to discuss 01:06:34
that? 01:06:38
Amendment to the. 01:06:43
And I just want to. 01:06:44
That there's a limit on the. 01:06:46
Which is governed by the noise ordinance. 01:06:49
You know, and it's complaint driven. So as long as everybody's liking that music, then nobody calls right back in the day. Because 01:06:51
I heard it too and enjoyed it. 01:06:55
All right, so we have a motion. We have a. 01:07:01
Yep. Final call for discussion. If not all in favor, say aye. 01:07:03
Aye. Any opposed? 01:07:09
OK, so we have a three one. 01:07:11
On the addition of the text amendment, now we're going to move into the public hearing. 01:07:15
For the actual event. 01:07:20
Is that going to be Mr. Porter coming back before us? All right. We are opening up the public hearing again. Please, Mr. Porter. 01:07:23
Speak and give us the details and speak on in favor I assume. 01:07:30
Good evening, one last time. My name is Stanton Porter. My address is 2925 Fernsville Rd. Bogart. I already talked a good bit 01:07:39
about what I wanted to say about this particular property. I think I know everybody's familiar with this historic house right at 01:07:44
the intersection. 01:07:49
On Main Street. 01:07:56
Over the years, this property itself has been used for the exact kind of events that we're seeking to do there. You know whether. 01:07:58
You know. 01:08:07
Watkinsville didn't have ordinances related to that or zoning that dealt with it. It does now, and so we wanted to bring it before 01:08:08
the City Council and make sure that we're doing it the right way. 01:08:13
I think a few things that I want to quickly highlight. I know that we've been here a while and there's still items on the agenda. 01:08:20
Is that being able to use a property like this? 01:08:24
Umm. 01:08:29
And I referenced that that the ordinance itself was modeled after the City of Madison. 01:08:30
It helps allow historic properties like this to be maintained. 01:08:35
These old houses and old properties like this are expensive and when they're allowed for some sort of economic use it it allows us 01:08:40
to preserve the unique character and and preserve that property. We're not seeking to have any changes to that property. Like I 01:08:44
said, have small scale events. 01:08:49
Bridal showers, wedding showers. 01:08:55
Small groups of whether. 01:08:58
You know, like I said, I think a lot of these events nobody will even know even took place because there's a small group of cars 01:09:01
and everybody was inside they they had a meeting or a small get together. 01:09:06
In terms? 01:09:13
Obviously that's an issue everywhere. I mean you turn into Watkins, downtown, Watkinsville at any time during busy times there. 01:09:14
There are a number of cars. That's what you get in downtown city areas. 01:09:20
I think to address that we tried to do several things. The property does have multiple entrances and exits, have multiple 01:09:26
driveways and so when an event is going on. 01:09:31
That directed where vehicles are coming in one entrance and out another. 01:09:37
And like I said, the ordinance itself limits how many people can come to these based on the size and so. 01:09:41
That limit itself will prevent there being an issue. 01:09:48
Too many people there not having enough parking. There's a lot of open space parking on the property. 01:09:52
But the text itself would restrict that to a number that there's not going to be issues in terms of people having to take parking 01:09:59
spots from other. 01:10:03
Restaurants or business that are in downtown Watkinsville and walking across it just it wouldn't be by code itself wouldn't be 01:10:08
allowed. 01:10:11
And so I think what you're going to see is that you know this property is going to be continued to be maintained. 01:10:16
It's going to preserve that historic nature, it's going to allow the people in this community to continue enjoy the property 01:10:21
because they can be there, they can see it. 01:10:25
Those businesses that are here, so. 01:11:03
Ask that you approve this conditional use. 01:11:05
As Mr. Tool said, you know that every intent is to be an excellent neighbor, continue to be an excellent neighbor. With these 01:11:08
people in the area, we don't. Nobody wants any calls to for code violations or or noise issues, but but do want to be able to use 01:11:13
the property and and preserve the historic nature. Thank you. 01:11:19
Thank you, Mr. Porter. Anyone else wish to speak in favor? 01:11:26
Before we go to opposed quick clarifying question, does the permit travel with the property or with satisfied properties the 01:11:31
applicant? 01:11:35
As they currently propose, it is perpetual. This is addressed under their application item. 01:11:41
I intent is to operate in perpetuity, which will then would travel with the property. Unless in your motion you state otherwise 01:11:48
and say that it is limited to satisfied properties during the duration of their ownership. OK, I just want to be clear. Council 01:11:55
discretion. Yes, Sir. Good question. All right. Any opposed or wanting to make comments otherwise? 01:12:01
So I'm not really opposed, but I'm Mario Castro. I live at 20 Hardin Hill Rd. Really what I wanted to do was just kind of review 01:12:11
and just kind of remind people that we actually. 01:12:17
Leased 7 S main from the Thorntons. 01:12:24
In it was 2011 to 2014. 01:12:28
And it was a three-year lease that we had and. 01:12:31
I think it's important that we. 01:12:36
What I want to do is basically remind you guys what are the rules were for us when we were running that facility and not compare 01:12:39
it to what we were doing at Ashford Manor because that was a whole completely different ball game. 01:12:45
So we signed a three-year lease with Mike and Nona Thornton. 01:12:52
When the negotiations on the lease renewal didn't pan out, we had to close what we call we called it at the time, Ashford on Main. 01:12:55
And then with Mayor Ivy Ivy's approval, we ran the business under the Ashford Manor umbrella. 01:13:05
We opened up the privacy fence between the properties at two different locations and so that that way guests and staff could move. 01:13:11
Between the two, and it also helped with an umbrella insurance policy for events, because obviously we needed to have that. 01:13:18
We had an agreement with Mayor Ivy and the city that we would not host events with bands, DJ's or concerts because of the 01:13:27
neighbors to the South. 01:13:32
All larger events, weddings, concerts, benefits would continue strictly at Ashford Manor. 01:13:38
Ashrodon, Maine was only allowed to host small events. Fire code restricted us to 50 people maximum. 01:13:45
We hosted baby showers, bridal showers, birthday parties, anniversaries, etc. We were not allowed to have any amplified music 01:13:52
outdoors. There were a couple of occasions like First Fridays when we were allowed live music in the front lawn, but that was 01:13:58
always a six to 8:00 PM event Co hosted by the city. 01:14:04
There was no food preparation on site outside catering only. There was 1 issue that would have been very costly had we continued 01:14:11
the business at 7 S Main and that was bringing the facility up to code with ADA compliance. 01:14:17
That was not brought up until after we opened and we were informed that there was number way to grandfather in the property 01:14:24
because it had always been a private residence before us. 01:14:28
Parking and the location of the driveways were always a concern for the local Police Department. 01:14:34
This was even before the entire intersection was reconfigured, and now you're driving out into the middle of the road. 01:14:39
There is one item that I'm most confused about, and at the time we were told that the zoning for 7 S Main was live work. 01:14:47
We lived on the second floor of the house during the three-year lease period. 01:14:55
Dave's mom was still living during that time and lived on the Ashford Manor property. 01:15:00
Which covered the live work zoning rules for both properties. 01:15:05
Were we misinformed at the time, or has that zoning changed? 01:15:10
And I'm happy to answer any questions you might have. That's a good question, Mario. The change was the change tonight allowing 01:15:15
officially special events facilities under the stated conditions that were the subject of much discussion. So I think that's the 01:15:21
change you're alluding to, so you don't have to. 01:15:27
Not, not as currently ordained under the amendment, That's correct. 01:15:34
Thank you, Sir. All right, that's. 01:15:41
Thank you, Maria. Kathleen, you don't have to restate your address. 01:15:45
Where I live, if we're if you're going to pass this, I would like to know is there a limit on how many people can attend these 01:15:49
events? 01:15:54
Yes, the limit is in and I'm I was just searching for that. It's driven by the size of the property. And Joe, I'm struggling to 01:16:00
find it's GG8 no more than 30 first per thousand square feet that is correct 100. 01:16:07
Which require 100 people maximum. 01:16:14
100 people Max. Is this correct? If you pass this, I would highly recommend that you take the curved driveway and make it only one 01:16:17
entrance from the entrance that's closest to Ashford Manor and close off the other end of the curved driveway. 01:16:25
And make everyone ex. 01:16:35
Right turn. 01:16:37
From the other driveway that's further. 01:16:39
I was actually going to ask Mr. Tool about that because I am concerned. 01:16:42
People pulling directly out into that intersection. 01:16:46
In a moment, let's let Miss Mcquiston, if she's got anything else to say. I want to let her finish up, but I think that's a we do 01:16:50
need to address that because there is. 01:16:53
There's no signalization there and it's weird for people to have to come out and not know what to do. I've experienced that, 01:16:57
especially if they want to crossover to Barnett Hills Rd. 01:17:01
There have been some comparisons to Madison. Madison does not have Route 15 and Route 44129 going through downtown with multiple 01:17:06
semi trailer trucks. It's a much larger city. 01:17:12
And much, a lot more parking opportunities than we have here in downtown Watkinsville. So I would like to make sure that there's 01:17:19
parking for. 01:17:24
If there's 100 people. 01:17:29
At least 50 to 60 cars. 01:17:31
All right, Mr. 01:17:36
Thank you all again for letting me speak. Two things. We're having events. There's not a problem at all blocking the middle 01:17:44
entrance. To your point that people can't go out. I think if you're not having against, you should keep them open. 01:17:50
But if you're having an event, you block it so nobody comes, you know, in or out. 01:17:56
We've been using that for two years. Everybody else has used it forever. Accidents can happen anywhere on the logistics, have 01:18:01
logistics degrees, Step a little closer to the mic. I know you don't probably don't like it, but we need the public to hear. Can 01:18:06
you hear? That's fine. 01:18:11
Yep. OK. 01:18:17
The egress in and out. You can still come in one in and go out the other quite safely. I do it daily. 01:18:21
Even the people who would come to an event to explain to them what's going on, you block off the middle entrance. So I know there 01:18:27
are some concerns, but there's some concerns to our point, a lot of places. I just think you take the mitigating steps to make 01:18:32
sure you're as safe as you can anytime you have an event, and that's always our utmost concern of anything. The last thing I want 01:18:37
is for anybody to get injured, Miss Kathleen specifically, you know, coming in and out of there, I don't want that to happen at 01:18:42
all. 01:18:47
Yep. 01:18:53
So a condition may be that the during it during special events the middle entrance will be closed and. 01:18:54
I think it'd be. I just we don't need cars coming into a complicated intersection. We don't need five points when there's no 01:19:02
nothing to have a light for the fifth point. 01:19:07
OK. 01:19:13
OK. 01:19:16
Well, if we have anybody else who wants to speak. 01:19:17
Still in a public forum, so anyone else who wants to speak specifically about. 01:19:20
All right, y'all. I'm going to close it down then and bring it back behind the rail, OK? 01:19:28
Mr. Ashford, I do. I do appreciate one. I appreciate y'all buying the house. I know it's a long standing house. Your family's been 01:19:32
there forever and I'm very proud that y'all y'all bought it again and and we'll have the name again. So I'm extremely happy that 01:19:38
y'all are there and I hope that you know y'all are satisfied with with your neighbors as well. 01:19:45
I just want to put that out. I really am glad for y'all to be. 01:19:53
Go to the mic, please. Can you do it like, I'm so sorry people are listening like. 01:19:58
Just be speaking in the opposition category, we're not necessarily. 01:20:05
Having kids trying to go to bed at 8:00 with a band, you know, ramped all the way up till 11:00 PM. There's just something to make 01:20:11
it hard for us. We understand and that has been addressed through the text amendment earlier with the change recommended for 9:00 01:20:17
PM for the cutoff time for the outdoor music. And I think at this time public hearing is closed. Mayor and Council, I would direct 01:20:23
your attention to the same provisions that I noted earlier. 01:20:29
Conditional uses not injurious to use an environment, enjoyment of the environment or other property in the vicinity will not 01:20:35
impede normal and orderly development. Surrounding property for uses predominant location and character consistent with a 01:20:40
desirable pattern of development. 01:20:46
Compatibility with adjacent properties whether the use will create. 01:20:52
Unreasonable, Adverse impacts, Length of time for which it is. 01:20:57
Again, their intent is in perpetuity, Mr. Mayor, to address your question. Finally and importantly, special conditions in 01:21:03
connection there with the reference to blocking the middle entry during events, was that proposed special condition. 01:21:10
Up to you Mayor and Council. Mr. Porter. Mr. Tool, are you guys comfortable with the permit being for satisfied food and not 01:21:17
traveling with the property was satisfied? 01:21:21
OK, I think that ensures that should this should the property change hands. 01:21:28
Then that would require this matter to come back before us. As you know, we were neighbors here, we know each other, but that way 01:21:33
we don't have this living in perpetuity potentially with someone new acquiring the property and that should give you guys some 01:21:37
assurance so you know how to reach. 01:21:42
The folks who are right there and live in the community with you should something come up and that's how it preserved a prefer to. 01:21:47
Resolve these kind of tricky issues all right, so I'm would like to one of y'all because I can't to request that we add this. 01:21:52
Condition around closing down the middle lane during special events. 01:22:02
And that the permit will travel with. 01:22:05
Satisfied and not be and not travel with the with the property. 01:22:08
If you guys are comfortable with that then please make a motion. 01:22:15
And we'll move this forward one way or. 01:22:18
Joe would be alright if I just said so moved. 01:22:21
That would suffice. Thank you. 01:22:25
So we have a motion. Do we have a second? Second. All right. Do we have any further discussion? And now just a point of 01:22:27
clarification, the motion would be to approve the conditional use as presented, albeit with those two stated conditions blocking 01:22:32
the middle entry during events and only. 01:22:37
A permit for satisfied properties. It will not travel with the land but be unique to satisfied properties per our agreement and 01:22:42
discussion a moment ago. 01:22:47
Joe, can I just ask a question real quick because the the text amendment actually. 01:22:54
And that's what's confusing me. It says a license shall not shall be immediately avoided on the sale, lease or transfer the real 01:22:59
estate. 01:23:02
And that's a good catch. I had forgotten that. So that is, can we kind of have a belt and suspender approach? Let's leave that in 01:23:06
there though. 01:23:09
Two layers, 2 layers of protection, all right. So we have a motion, We have a second. Any further discussion behind the rail? 01:23:14
Hearing. 01:23:23
All in favor, Say aye. 01:23:24
I. 01:23:27
I've heard three, I think all. 01:23:27
Aye, carries. 01:23:30
All right, we will then move on to our public hearing for zoning text amendment allowing upscale artist studio for body art 01:23:34
tattooing. 01:23:38
As a conditional use in the employment. 01:23:42
Attorney Reitman, take the lead once again here. All right. Yes, Mr. Mayor, Thank you. We're now on agenda item number 16. Zoning 01:23:45
text. Amendment. Upscale artist. Studio body. Art. Tattooing is a conditional use only employment center. Please note, Mayor and 01:23:52
Council, this includes A detailed ordinance amendment. 01:23:59
That looks. 01:24:08
This ordinance amending Watkinsville code regarding body art. 01:24:11
That is. 01:24:17
A 14, almost 14 page length document that addresses public health, safety and welfare. The preamble language of that specifically 01:24:20
states as follows. 01:24:26
Council finds that unregulated operation of body craft studios and body craft procedures constitutes a health risk and a 01:24:33
significant risk of transfer of diseases, infections, etcetera. 01:24:40
And that substandard and poor sanitary conditions could pose a significant risk to health, safety and welfare. And that these 01:24:46
regulations include reasonable standards that will ameliorate the substandard sanitary conditions in this industry and safeguard 01:24:53
the public health, safety and general welfare. I'll also advise Mayor and Council that. 01:25:00
These are regulations that were semi standardized 7 or 8 years ago. I initially prepared these for Town of New Bern based on what 01:25:07
I recall generally was a somewhat becoming a statewide model at that time. We also adapted these for Town of New Bern and then 01:25:15
excuse me for Town of Walnut Grove and then updated them for for Watkinsville Mayor and councils consideration by trying to make 01:25:23
them a little simpler, a little more user friendly but without losing any of the protective nature. 01:25:30
To protect the public health, safety and welfare. So should you entertain allowing this use as a conditional use under your 01:25:38
ordinance? 01:25:42
I would recommend to be subject to these 13 1/2 pages of proposed conditions. 01:25:47
At this time we do we have any comment from staff in regard to this application? 01:25:52
And there is an applicant who I believe has made a conditional use application in the hope or anticipation of approval of this as 01:25:59
an amendment. Is the applicant here tonight and do you wish to be heard in regards to what I've just described? 01:26:07
And if you would step up and state your name and address please. 01:26:15
And your comments, not so much about your proposed business at this time, that will be the next public hearing, but in regards to 01:26:19
why I've just stated the concept of allowing such a use subject to restrictions. And Miss Clark, before you get going, I'll just 01:26:24
remind everyone #1 there's bound to be some crossover between the general idea and the specifics of what Miss Clark's going to 01:26:30
discuss. 01:26:35
And again, y'all just bear with us. This is, this is how we make the sausage in local government, so just stick with us, We'll get 01:26:40
through it as quick as we can, but we've got to follow this process and it's. 01:26:45
Honestly, it's kind of rewarding to see neighbors come together and sort of talk things through and and get to and get to get to 01:26:51
some decent conclusions here. So with that, Miss Clark, go ahead and give us your thoughts on the text amendment please. 01:26:57
Thank you. 01:27:04
My name is Jessica Clark. I live at 5855 Lexington Rd. In Winterville, GA. 01:27:06
Thank you so much for taking the time. I know this is a very long text amendment with a lot of nuances. 01:27:13
I am currently a tattoo artist working in Athens, GA at Chicolos Tattoos. I'm licensed and certified. 01:27:21
I completed. 01:27:34
Three-year apprenticeship before tattoo. 01:27:36
As far as the text amendment goes, I'm 100% compliant with the Department of Public Health. 01:27:41
I've actually been in touch with April. 01:27:48
At your local. 01:27:51
Location in regard to sinks and plumbing and whatever else she needs for me. 01:27:53
The help of my clients is. 01:28:00
By far 100% my biggest priority. 01:28:03
I don't go move forward with any tattoo unless my client is 100% sure, and if they aren't sure, we reschedule without any kind of. 01:28:08
Consequence to their deposits. 01:28:19
Do you have any questions for? 01:28:22
As far. 01:28:24
Standard order of procedures or. 01:28:28
Umm. 01:28:31
The medical aspect of the business. 01:28:32
I have a quest. 01:28:37
Over here. 01:28:39
I I don't know anything about tattoos. 01:28:41
Curious are they are? 01:28:46
Studios inspected each year or tell me a little bit on safety wise. 01:28:50
Required to be inspected once a year, but I did look over the text amendment and saw that there was. 01:28:56
A clause in there to be inspected every six months, which I am 100% on board with. I will be compliant in any kind of way that 01:29:03
makes you comfortable. 01:29:07
Umm, everything I use is single use only. EO, gas sterilized I buy them from. 01:29:12
Professional, professional manufacturers of tattoo supplies and they only sell 2 licensed tattoo artists. 01:29:19
There's. 01:29:28
Strong standard in our field and unfortunately. 01:29:30
With the past, you know. I know that not all tattoo artists have wonderful reputations, but it is my goal to work. 01:29:36
Umm, you know, in a way where people can be comfortable, you know, and they're not intimidated and they don't feel bullied? 01:29:43
Because I certainly have experienced that in my, you know, in my own adventures and getting tattooed. 01:29:50
I don't. I hope that answered your question. Yeah. Thank you. 01:30:01
And for the sake of clarity, what is presently before the mayor and council is the initial determination of do you want to have? 01:30:08
Tattoo artists inside Watkinsville and in full candor and more and disclosure to you, there has been a fair bit of discussion of 01:30:16
this in distant years past, in 2007 when the Watkinsville ordinance was originally passed. At that time the determination was not 01:30:24
to do so because of the concerns that you stated of that. Not all tattoo artists are created or operate equally, potential stigma 01:30:31
and I think you identified in your application the ones that have the neon signs outside. 01:30:38
In the loud heavy metal and the issue with Mayor and council always is precedent and so I'm giving this to you as context and 01:30:46
background information in full candor and disclosure for what it's worth. Having said that, Mayor and council, if you do decide to 01:30:53
pass this would have to, and I may sound like a broken record, but it is important to ensure that any conditional use will not be 01:30:59
injurious to use and enjoyment of environment or other property in the vicinity. 01:31:06
Or impede normal and orderly development of surrounding property for use, is predominant in the area, or have a location or 01:31:13
structure consistent with a desirable pattern of development. And then to the next page, again stating what was mentioned earlier. 01:31:20
Compatibility with adjacent properties and with other properties in the same zoning, and whether the proposed use will create 01:31:26
unreasonable adverse impacts upon any adjoining businesses, and whether the length of time for which the conditional use permit is 01:31:33
granted should be limited in duration. 01:31:40
These are all the same standards that I mentioned earlier and the other applications that if you all should choose to approve 01:31:47
this, then those standards would apply once we get to your individual application if they approve this. 01:31:54
I would also like to say that I am. 01:32:02
Completely happy to include in the amendment that I will be appointment only and that it will be a single artist tattoo studio. 01:32:05
With no expansion you. 01:32:14
I mean, I like what we did with satisfied foods as far as the application goes with the owner. So if. 01:32:17
For example you. 01:32:24
Someone else can't come. 01:32:26
Because I think if it's granted, it would be granted based on the. 01:32:28
I think is a huge factor, at least for me. 01:32:33
Yeah, So what? Joe was talking about it a minute ago. Look, I have tattoos. I have plenty of tattoos. I've taken my 6 year old 01:32:37
daughter to get her ear pierced at a tattoo place. I have no issues with tattoo places. 01:32:45
My. 01:32:54
Issue is the precedence that we're setting. 01:32:55
It's it's not you I loved your presentation you sent. 01:32:59
You have a beautiful presentation. A beautiful. 01:33:04
It's the. 01:33:08
Precedents that we're setting in Watkins. 01:33:09
Umm. 01:33:13
That might be to include any amendments in that conditional use or text amendment to make you comfortable whatever you guys want. 01:33:17
That's that's again, it's it's not about tattoos. I have them. They're visible tattoos. 01:33:26
I understand it can bring a rough crowd in. 01:33:32
But it's it's been my goal to avoid that, I bet all of my clients and. 01:33:36
As of right now, I work in a completely female owned. 01:33:42
You know, employed shop, yeah. 01:33:46
For me, it's really important for my safety, you know, I mean, a lot of this is about sending a good precedent. 01:33:49
For tattoo artists and tattoo artists who are working very hard to work ethically and reverse that stigma. 01:33:56
But I don't want to put myself in a bad situation either, so I make sure that everybody I work with. 01:34:02
You know, clients included. 01:34:08
Are not going to make me feel uncomfortable as well. 01:34:12
Why do you think this? 01:34:20
Hmm. 01:34:23
I'm just curious why you think the text. 01:34:24
Watkinsville needs Why do you want to be in Watkinsville I guess is what I'm asking. 01:34:28
I really like it here. I think it's really beautiful and quaint. I like small towns. I love cities. 01:34:33
Establishment. It's perfect for me. I we have a little farm in Winterville, so I really enjoy the barn aesthetic. 01:34:41
I'm really interested in having the amenities that Walkinsville has to offer. 01:34:51
Having a yoga studio would be great for me, and I love that you guys have a little arts community. I would be really happy to be 01:34:56
involved in that. 01:35:01
I just. 01:35:09
I find it lovely. I loved working at Pub on Main and I loved, you know, the atmosphere of the city. 01:35:11
All right. 01:35:19
We're still in a public hearing, Council. Any other questions for Miss Clark? 01:35:20
Right, Miss. Clark will give you a break. Anyone else want to step forward and speak in favor of the text amendment? 01:35:26
I think, you know it's 2022. The precedent we can go back. I was here when beer and wine passed. 01:35:37
And then everybody said, oh, then it's going to be liquor by the drink. There goes the town, Well, we have that now. 01:35:45
And then it was the strip joints are coming, they're not here, a tattoo parlor like she described. As long as you guys decide that 01:35:50
or. 01:35:55
Make these rules about how it's going to be run and how it's going to look and how it's going to affect the neighbors. There's 01:36:00
absolutely nothing wrong with it. It's not going to ruin our. 01:36:05
All right. Keep on coming, folks. Hey, this is Christina Lafontaine. I live at 25 S Barnett Shoals Rd. And I do agree with Mario 01:36:16
and I think I'm actually not far from the property that this particular person is talking about. But I I agree with the fact that 01:36:23
it really, as long as there are major parameters for whatever we're talking about, which basically everything we're talking about 01:36:31
tonight is putting strong parameters on everything. I do feel like if we are trying to. 01:36:38
Have a well-rounded community and a community that has something for everyone. And we're not trying to just be so narrow that we 01:36:46
don't have a nice eclectic group. And I think we already do have a really good eclectic group of folks. But yeah, I mean, I I can 01:36:53
imagine maybe walking my daughter down someday and getting her ears pierced there while there's a yoga class going on. So, I mean, 01:36:59
I think that there are ways to do it where it is. 01:37:06
And a completely acceptable and. 01:37:12
Enjoyable. 01:37:15
Amenity to offer our residents and the area residents. 01:37:18
What they said. 01:37:32
And I would, I would venture to guess that most of the people in this room have a tattoo. I don't have a tattoo because I'm an old 01:37:35
generation and we had those old. 01:37:39
Taboos and What kind of people got tattoos? But it's not like that anymore. Now almost everybody has a tattoo, and I think I'll 01:37:44
get a Shamrock on my heel next time she opens. 01:37:50
Thank you. 01:37:58
Bishop, 2071 Elder Mill Rd. With all these conditional use permits tonight, what are the enforcement regulations that are on them? 01:38:05
So how will you enforce these rules you put on everybody that they got to keep up with? You know what you've said here tonight, 01:38:10
just curious about that. 01:38:15
Practically speaking, logistically in most communities it ends up being complaint based. Having said that, however, we do have 01:38:21
code enforcement. Code enforcement is vigilant and what they can ascertain from the outside noise by way of example, obviously 01:38:29
things of that nature will be enforced. Is that a fine or is that a loss of the conditional use permit? 01:38:37
It could ultimately lead to both preliminarily or primarily cases are brought to the Municipal Court as a code violation. However, 01:38:45
some of these are annually renewable licenses, Special event facility case in point. 01:38:53
In an instance like that, should somebody be a violator, obviously the mayor and council would take that into serious 01:39:01
consideration at the next annual license renewal time. Sure. OK. Thank you. Yes, Sir. 01:39:07
Can I also point out that in the in the amendment it mentions. 01:39:13
Miss Clark mentioned it earlier. Twice a year there will be annual inspections carried on by both the city and the health 01:39:19
department. 01:39:23
And Speaking of these conditions, these are geared towards the health aspect. These aren't necessarily geared towards the 01:39:28
atmosphere, the ambiance, the getting away from the neon lights, getting away from the heavy metal music and that stigma thing 01:39:35
that we spoke of earlier. 01:39:41
These just really are more geared strictly towards the health side. 01:39:48
If the Council does lean in. 01:39:52
Based upon the presentation being made by the applicant in the next item on the docket. 01:39:55
Then you may wish to consider some of her proposed self restrictive language. 01:40:01
In any approval of a conditional use, I have not addressed that here. I have simply addressed the health side, which leaves open 01:40:06
the, the, the. 01:40:11
Widespread range of options of kind of mirroring what the applicant on the next item the docket has proposed and making those 01:40:17
actual conditions for each and every future one. But I have not drawn those up for this tonight. I didn't know that that seemed 01:40:23
premature. Therefore we focused on the health side. 01:40:29
All right. We have heard from those who are in favor. Is there anyone else wishing to speak in favor? 01:40:37
All right. Is there anyone wishing to speak opposed? 01:40:43
Miss Heimel, if you could state your address again. 01:40:49
40 Twin Oaks Trail Watkins. 01:40:51
We do not need a tattoo parlor in our community. 01:40:56
Currently, I looked earlier, I could find 12 tattoo parlors in Athens. I'm sure there are many more, but that's what it pulled up. 01:41:00
Umm Nine of which are within 10 miles of the proposed site and a 20 minutes of drive time. 01:41:08
Of that location. 01:41:15
Umm in addition. 01:41:17
Her authority, Tattoo Calm, which is an online tattoo website. 01:41:19
40% of Americans have a tattoo. 01:41:26
Per our demographics in 2020. 01:41:29
Pardon. Let me add. 40% of Americans under the age of 35 need to add that have a tattoo. 01:41:32
In 2020, our average resident age was 34, so that tells me that 40% of our residents are tattooed. 01:41:39
Which also tells me that 60% are not. 01:41:48
Which makes me think that. 01:41:51
Maybe they're against it, or if they weren't against it, they would get it. They would have one because, you know, tattoo parlors 01:41:53
are very prolific now. They're all over the place. 01:41:57
Umm. 01:42:01
That's the first thing let's see. 01:42:03
Safety is an issue. There have been, there have been studies that have been done. 01:42:07
Umm that. 01:42:12
Tattoo parlors comes crime. 01:42:14
Mainly because they have. 01:42:18
Tattoo parlors are a lot of times associated with gang members, so there was like for instance back at the end of last year double 01:42:20
shooting outside a part a tattoo parlor in Tacoma, WA. 01:42:25
Delray Beach, FL is is drafting a policy that would restrict this. 01:42:31
Because they're also worried about gang association. 01:42:37
So. 01:42:41
Not to mention lastly. 01:42:43
From my experience living in another county that is close to us, it's a bigger county and it's more more populated with people. 01:42:46
Just from my personal experience, once a tattoo parlor moves into a shopping center, I understand that this is not a shopping 01:42:54
center, but we are talking about the text amendment. 01:42:58
That all of a sudden these other kind of businesses follow which could be. 01:43:03
You know, CBD stores. 01:43:09
And nail salons, tanning salons, these kind of things, so. 01:43:13
I don't think that US as a. 01:43:17
Wants all of that to come, so that's why I'm speaking. 01:43:20
Text Amendment. 01:43:24
To the. 01:43:27
OK. That's it. Thank you. 01:43:28
Thank you, miss. 01:43:32
Anyone else wishing to speak? 01:43:33
You come back up, yeah, we'll take, we'll take feedback. 01:43:38
My name is Cindy Jarrell. I live at 90 S Barnett Shoals Rd. I own the property 100 S Barnett Shoals Rd. Where? 01:43:47
Jessica would like to have her business and downstairs is a yoga studio and it's really important to me. 01:43:56
They stay as long as they want because I love Shonda that runs. 01:44:03
And so my. 01:44:07
The first thing I. 01:44:10
When someone rents is that they're quiet and compatible with everybody else. 01:44:11
And Jessicas really impressed me. 01:44:17
Very talented. 01:44:21
And. 01:44:23
Wants to make it as a fine artist and I know she. 01:44:25
That's all I want to say. 01:44:33
All right. Anyone else wishing? 01:44:40
OK, we'll close the public hearing. 01:44:45
And bring it back back behind the rail for the council. Again, we're considering the text amendment allowing. 01:44:48
Upscale Artist studio for body art and tattooing as a conditional use only in the employment Center. 01:44:55
Area of Watkinsville I. 01:45:01
We can have some discussion or motion at this point. Mayor can make a couple comments or observations. I think it's important Joe, 01:45:04
the attorney turning right and mentioned that you know this is mostly health. A lot of this stuff is not code that the city 01:45:12
actually will regulate. The County Health Department will regulate most of this along with the state. They regulate that industry. 01:45:19
What the city will do though is should a conditional use be approved in the next in the next steps if this amendments approved. 01:45:26
We will make sure that the zoning standards are met, that building permits, you know, are pulled and that the facility is 01:45:34
inspected and adheres to our life safety and health standards. So those are the kind of things we'll do. But this we will rely on 01:45:40
the county and the state to do their job as well. 01:45:45
And are there currently, does the county currently allow these type of facilities, Miss Dickerson? 01:45:52
I didn't look into that. I do not know the answer to that. 01:45:58
Does anyone know the answer to that? 01:46:02
Miss Clark, do you know if the county allows outside of Watkinsville, does Oconee County allow these facilities? 01:46:06
There currently aren't any tattoo shops. 01:46:15
However, I did see forms for body art applications on the Oconee. 01:46:19
Government website. 01:46:27
Thank you. 01:46:29
I have any. 01:46:32
All right, Council, back to you, Miss Dickerson. You have any anything else? OK. 01:46:35
Council comments. 01:46:40
Whatever you want to do at this point. 01:46:42
I'd like to make a motion that we would consider the zoning text amendment for allowing upscale artists studio for body art and 01:46:45
tattoo. 01:46:50
All right, we have a motion. Do we have a? 01:46:56
Question if I can, could we at? 01:46:59
I would like to approve it, but I would like it. 01:47:03
Amendments, I guess Joe, don't we have to second it and then have discussion amendment, that's what I was kind of being informal 01:47:06
tonight. But yeah, if you don't mind, let's go ahead and second it for discussion then you can vote as you will or for we can make 01:47:10
an amendment to it, so. 01:47:15
Go ahead and say second, then we'll go OK second. All right, now go ahead and. 01:47:20
With the proposed, with the proposed amendments, is that OK that that the studio? 01:47:24
That the license goes with the owner, so if the owner closes the business. 01:47:34
It cannot is not transferable, just like we did with the previous special events facility. 01:47:40
For the Department of Public Health. 01:47:48
I actually can't be licensed unless I have an establishment. The licensing is done through the established tattoo artist shop that 01:47:51
it has already been approved by the health inspector and has a business permit. 01:47:56
Yeah, I think it works similar to like an alcohol license. 01:48:03
So does that have a physical location? 01:48:08
Well, we understand that. I guess what Mr. Mr. Campbell's asking is if you sold the business. 01:48:11
Does that person also buy? Would that person be able to come in and operate immediately, or would that person have to come back 01:48:17
before us? Would we lay on? 01:48:21
And do the conditional use apply for a conditional use again, go through this entire process and then be able to be licensed in 01:48:27
order to operate in that location? 01:48:31
OK. Let's make note of that for the minutes and make sure that that I think that's we need to be sure that's reflected. 01:48:37
We can reflect that in the text amendment. If that's how you want to make your motion, I think that's important. So even though 01:48:45
it's governed by the Department of Health with that. 01:48:50
I do like that it's single single tattoo artist. 01:48:57
So again, that would. 01:49:02
I mean, hopefully would help you worry less about, yeah, you know, bringing in additional people or someone coming in to Oconee 01:49:03
County or Watkinsville wanting to bring a full crew of tattoo artists. Yeah, that's my point. Is that a single tattoo artist? 01:49:11
Spot going into for visit. For this example, you're going into the yoga studio. 01:49:19
No one's really going to know you're. 01:49:25
No Sir, it's not. And I. 01:49:27
I mean, you probably don't know what these are, but they. 01:49:31
The tattoo machines that I use are lithium ion based battery powered. 01:49:35
One, so they look like very large sharpies. 01:49:41
And those are, for the most part, very, very quiet. One of them that I have is silent. The other one is just a hum. So it's not 01:49:46
that traditional noise that you are thinking of when you think of, you know, being in a tattoo shop. And I'm thinking more of, you 01:49:53
know, being a single tattoo artist. You're in this location in that building that. 01:49:59
Doesn't really have a. 01:50:06
A big presence. It's not like you're opening, let's say a Town Center for example, and you want to put in six. 01:50:08
Tattoo artists in the signage and the attraction. Anyone can come in and get tattoos anytime of the day. 01:50:13
My opinion is tying it to the business, to the individual with a license. 01:50:20
It can only be one single tattoo artist and an appointment only. 01:50:26
Are the amendments I would like to add. I tend to book out for three to four months at a time. 01:50:30
So I don't have walk in's. I don't really like them because I feel like it can lend. 01:50:37
To a situation. 01:50:45
You may have someone come in that's in a vulnerable position, and I mean, I have no problem with street shops. I've worked in some 01:50:48
and you know, they're fun, but it is a very different atmosphere. 01:50:52
And I like being prepared. I like having that intimate experience with my clients. 01:50:58
And I like knowing that they are 100%. 01:51:03
Completely satisfied with their design before we move forward. 01:51:08
And that for me is very important because I don't want to have anxiety about it when I get home. 01:51:12
So I want to make. 01:51:18
You know, everyone's comfortable and it's it's pleasurable and it's fun and it's safe and it's educational. 01:51:20
OK. So Mr. Garrett, would you be willing to accept Mr. Campbell's amendments? OK, can I offer a couple things real quick? So two 01:51:28
things. First of all, it does say on page, gosh, it's #12 bodycraft studio permit. 01:51:36
Permits are not transferable from owner to owner, or from business location to business location, or from person to person. 01:51:46
The one thing I would like you all to consider because it makes it very onerous on the on the staff. 01:51:52
Is the way it's written right now. It says Body Craft Studio permit must be obtained annually and expires 365 days from the date 01:51:58
of issuance. 01:52:02
The special special events permit says that it shall be for one year until December 31st of the year at the applications paid. 01:52:05
That would be much easier for us to maintain, for us to have to keep track of all these different permits and stuff. It just makes 01:52:10
it very owner. So I'd like for that to be amended. 01:52:15
As. 01:52:22
OK. So the permit expires on December 31st and then would be renewed the next year. OK. And what was that Section #12 that was 12? 01:52:23
As in boy, page seven, I'm sorry, then I see Page 7. All right, 12B7, we're making that adjustment. Mr. Garrett, are you fine with 01:52:33
that amendment as well? 01:52:38
Yes, OK. All right. So we have. 01:52:43
We have. 01:52:47
And we have a second with the conditions as outlined. 01:52:48
Any further discussion from council? 01:52:51
Can I go ahead and state those conditions just so we can be clear? Sure. Still making the sausage on here? Approval only. As to 01:52:54
the current application does not travel with the property. I know somebody's not praise hand. We'll get to that. Thank you, ma'am. 01:53:00
If with the mayor S permission #2, it'd be a solo artist only. 01:53:05
#3 it be by appointment only. 01:53:13
Number. 01:53:18
December 31, Annual expiration date. 01:53:19
And I made a note to myself. 01:53:24
For council to. 01:53:27
You know the stigma arises from a. 01:53:29
Milieu and a certain appearance, including the neon signs. No. Neon has been a representation and a promise of this applicant. I 01:53:31
don't think it's allowed by city. It's not. Well, I'm talking about indoor, not just the outdoor, because I know that you're 01:53:37
correct. 100% outdoor? No. No. 01:53:42
I would say no end or two if you're trying to avoid that milieu and that, you know it's up to y'all, yeah, I'm not, I don't want 01:53:48
to regulate the inside of private business owners properties honestly. All right, so so those are the four conditions then that 01:53:53
have been stated again when I worked on this. 01:53:59
Only looked at primarily the health side of things, did not look at these other conditions, did not look at synchronizing the 01:54:05
health provisions with the various representations, promises and agreements of this applicant. 01:54:11
You may want to get a statement from her as to any other unique provisions that she's proposing and actually fold those into the 01:54:19
text amendment to avoid that precedent concern, Brett, that you spoke of earlier. 01:54:24
And again, I'm sorry, this is this may prolong it, but to ensure that you don't have an undesired unwanted precedent issue by 01:54:30
approving this with fewer conditions and perhaps you could reasonably impose. 01:54:37
All right. I think we beat it around forever, honestly. Miss Hamill, did you have one more comment you want to make? You could he 01:54:44
addressed it. OK, Council, do you have any desire to hear more conditions from the applicant or do we want to carry this forward? 01:54:50
I'm not seeing any heads nodding. OK. 01:54:57
Any further discussion from council, we have a motion. We have a second the attorneys outline the conditions. 01:55:01
Summarizing those the motion for Mr. Garrett the. 01:55:06
For Mr. Campbell, correct. 01:55:09
OK. 01:55:11
We have a motion to 2nd any. 01:55:12
All right. Let's roll call. So we're going to start with Mr. Thomas. All in favor, Mr. Thomas? 01:55:14
Mr. Thomas says no, Mr. Garrett. What do you say, Miss Massey? What do you say? 01:55:20
Mr. Campbell, what do you? 01:55:24
Yes. 01:55:26
All right, so I split and I'm going to say no. 01:55:27
We spent. 01:55:31
Long time on a land use plan. One of the things that specifically came up was there was. 01:55:33
Not interested in this in the city. I know that's been a while, but we had hundreds of people participate in that and. 01:55:38
At this point I just have not seen enough interest to justify overriding on the land use front, so thank you all for coming in. It 01:55:45
was very well done. 01:55:49
It's nothing about tattoos and certainly nothing personal. That was a wonderful presentation. Thank Y'all. 01:55:53
Mayor, the next item would come off the agenda since that was denied 3:00 to 2:00. 01:56:01
All right. So we will not be having #18 or #19, and we will move on to our appearances. Next up is. 01:56:09
The man ring, Brothers, White Tiger. You guys will have a 10 minute time limit for your appearances so please come forward and. 01:56:19
Let us hear about your exciting business. 01:56:28
Hey, thanks for having us. I'm Melinda Edwards and this is my husband Ken Manning. Our daughter G is in the back. We live at 154 01:56:41
Park Ave. in Athens, but we purchased the building at 64 N Main in Watkinsville and we're just looking for an alcohol license. We 01:56:49
have run a restaurant in Athens, White Tiger for a little bit over 15 years. We do lunch, dinner and. 01:56:58
Did we can brunch before COVA? We need to get back to it. But. 01:57:07
That's our plan at this location to lunch, dinner and weekend brunch. We estimate that around 10% of our total sales will be 01:57:10
alcohol. 01:57:15
So we're mostly a food establishment. We always have been. We make BBQ burgers, lots of vegetarian food, around 30% vegetarian 01:57:21
food. 01:57:24
And then you have brunch foods. 01:57:29
The We love the location and we're renovating it. 01:57:33
Doing our own thing with it. 01:57:37
It's going to be a little just like we are, but you know, we're family owned and excited to be here. Our daughter is my 01:57:40
stepdaughter and she's been in school in Oconee County since kindergarten. She's in 8th grade now. Malcolm Bridge. 01:57:46
And so we have a lot of friends in the community and we spend a lot of time here and we've always kind of had a plan to. 01:57:52
Pay some taxes here. 01:57:59
So, so that was kind of that's what motivated us and and we we bought it. So we don't have a plan to leave anytime soon and. 01:58:02
That's what we're doing. Awesome. 01:58:11
All right, well that's exciting news. I will tell you the anticipation is high ever since the word first got out, so we are really 01:58:14
excited. 01:58:18
Are you guys targeting May, is that right? Yeah, you know last November to this May? 01:58:22
In there, right? Right. Everything's taken longer, but we're making it. 01:58:28
How we want. 01:58:31
China trying to decide what's right with the community. It's a little different than the one we live in now. We have lots of St. 01:58:33
traffic lots of walkers and I think we will have more with Wisteria Ridge and and with Wire Park and stuff in downtown becoming 01:58:39
more walkable. But I also think we'll have drivers we're going to leave our we still have it we have to go window that will do 01:58:45
where you can order head and and drive through and pick up your food to go through our window. 01:58:50
Like there's some businesses in downtown and Athens to do that, so you couldn't order there, but. 01:58:57
You can pick it up in your car instead of having to come in. So we're we're looking forward to it becoming, you know, hopefully 01:59:03
more of a walking community downtown. 01:59:07
We just love it. We've come for years. We love Ashford Manor. Had my Bachelorette party there. 01:59:12
But yeah, we've always spent a lot of time in Watkinsville and love it. Would love the art aspect and oh calf and. 01:59:22
ESP. And. 01:59:28
We're excited to be part of the community and I think it's, I mean we're petitioned for alcohol license, but it's not by any 01:59:31
means. 01:59:34
Going to be some bar or something really. 01:59:39
Family oriented. 01:59:41
By chance, you can get a frozen drink, you know? So we have lots of those. 01:59:44
About 60 to 70 of the restaurants is what it looks like right now. So your predecessor did find managing both of those things and 01:59:51
we have lots of others in town. So you know, so I think that's fine. I think there's just. 01:59:57
You know, a lot of buzz about you guys coming. We're excited. The pedestrian thing is a huge goal for us too, and healthy downtown 02:00:05
and just excited about having. 02:00:09
Having you guys there, Council, any questions? Because again, used to be these would come before us as a business permit. This is 02:00:14
your time to learn more, ask your questions now, otherwise I'm going to bring it back and we'll we'll get a motion here. So, so 02:00:19
this does not pertain at all to your alcohol license that you're requesting. It's more for the safety of the crossing of the 02:00:24
pedestrians because you did mention Wisteria Ridge. 02:00:29
And I I can't recall, is there going to be a pedestrian walk across from Wisteria Ridge? 02:00:36
Proposed it looks like they're trying to make a cut right there. Yeah. Right outside of our property. Really. Yeah. So they can't 02:00:44
approve it until the project is in. But we've requested that from G dot. We're going to lean on them to go ahead and do that. 02:00:50
We've it's a condition I think in their plan if G dot will grant it is to have the. 02:00:55
I always get the acronym wrong but the the blinking blinking. Yeah RR FB crossing. 02:01:00
Yeah. You know a crosswalk which certainly helped slow traffic down there. So that is we're we're going. 02:01:10
Seriously advocate for that because we want those people to be able to walk safely downtown. That's. 02:01:19
And we do have the sidewalk right in front of our spot. I know, I don't think it goes all the way down, but I think I heard that 02:01:23
it was proposed to go down to where the crosswalk is, but. 02:01:27
Yeah, it goes, it goes all the way down to Thrasher. And yeah, and I think we've recently gotten it all ADA. 02:01:30
Fixed up, right. So it should be, should be anybody in a wheelchair, whatever. Should be able to get to your place, to the hills. 02:01:37
A little bit of a challenge, but they can come through the parking lot I think and get there. So yeah. 02:01:42
OK. Other questions. 02:01:49
Are you going to keep the one of that things or hopefully we keep it as long as we can. We of course don't own that building. 02:01:51
We've tried for years too, but. 02:01:55
We're successful in Athens and we really like being there. We actually live a couple houses down from our restaurant. So we just 02:02:01
it's it's easy for us to go to work all running back and forth, you know and and so I think that we always just wanted to be you 02:02:07
know closer to since we're running out here to Malcolm Bridge twice a day all the time. It was kind of a kind of figure that we do 02:02:14
both be in both places, but yeah we plan on on being in both. 02:02:20
How will the menu be different from the regular white tiger? 02:02:28
Well, I think. 02:02:32
Umm. 02:02:34
We're gonna have a better smoker, OK? 02:02:35
So I think we'll have a little more variety for. 02:02:38
Just straight up BBQ stuff. 02:02:41
But I think we're also going to add a fryer, which I've never had before and so have French grass. 02:02:44
Also county. 02:02:51
Higher end. 02:03:25
Items and we're definitely sticking with healthier that you know smoke things on salads. I think we're gonna expand that kind of 02:03:26
stuff but but we're leaving our base the same so and we'll do we'll do brunch both days of the weekend instead of just on Sundays 02:03:30
so. 02:03:34
When I was trying to lose weight, I would order your salmon via delivery a lot in Athens downtown. So that was a life saving 02:03:40
thing, Yeah, yeah. My wife will be excited to hear about the healthy options. 02:03:46
I need to. 02:03:53
Mayor and mayor and weight gain. Mayor weight loss have been a struggle so far, so yeah. 02:03:55
I'm glad Mario's back. I need a little shade thrown at me tonight. All right. 02:04:01
All right. Any other questions for our friends from White Tiger? 02:04:05
Hearing none, we'll take a motion on the alcohol, the beer, wine and distilled spirits application. 02:04:08
Make a motion for the license. Beer, wine, distilled spirits. 02:04:17
All right, we have a motion. Do we have a second? 02:04:23
Any further? 02:04:26
All in favor. 02:04:28
All right, motion carries. 02:04:31
All right, Next up we have 13 School St. 02:04:34
Tax Parcel W 06006 Mr. McConnell, we're going to have a report from Engineer Campbell and then? 02:04:39
If Mr. McConnell cares to make a comment, he can, and then we'll move forward. 02:04:46
I think this is a demolition permit, correct? Partial demolition, that's correct. 02:04:51
Distinction, right. So you may remember this from the December council meeting. We we talked about this previously, but it is 13 02:04:55
School St. it's zoned downtown but it's within the Cultural Arts Preservation District overlay which again would would be near 02:05:02
near Oak Calf Rocket Field type area. It is not demolition of the entire structure, it is demolition of. 02:05:09
Partial structure. You'll see more from the pictures about which parts so that's the location if you're not familiar. So it does 02:05:16
have a school street address but it isn't on a really more than a corner. It's visible from from pretty much three sides there. 02:05:23
But if you'll go to the next slide so there's a picture from from school St. and and you can see specifically some of the the 02:05:30
front porch area there that is in I'll I'll politely say disrepair. 02:05:37
That that area is a portion of the demolition permit request. If we go to the next slide, you can also see that addition. 02:05:44
Hopefully you can clearly distinguish what is the addition there on the on the western side of the structure that would also be in 02:05:51
disrepair that would be demolished as part of this request as well. So again. 02:05:58
There's there's a so that the previous slide you saw was prior. 02:06:07
December City Council meeting and so this is just an updated picture of a similar area it's it's not gotten better. 02:06:11
Not to anybody's surprise there. 02:06:21
It is approximately 2000 square feet the existing structure, so it would be only the front porch and the side room that you saw in 02:06:24
those pictures. 02:06:29
The applicant has indicated that those would be rebuilt in approximately the same size and spacing, but it seems to be some of the 02:06:34
problems that calls now are based on. 02:06:39
Lack of drainage within the roofs of those structures, so the amendments would be made to. 02:06:44
The roof area so that those would drain properly. 02:06:49
Mitigation Any mitigation required for asbestos would be a condition of the permit it had to be. 02:06:52
Prior to the removal of those portions of the structure, there wouldn't have to be I think mitigation for anything that would be 02:06:58
outside of that, but specifically for those portions, not the entire structure and then. 02:07:04
It's less than one acre disturbed. It's not 200 feet from a stream. But again just you have to maintain best management practices 02:07:11
when you have a heavy equipment in there or things that might be doing demolition. You just want to track mud into the street that 02:07:17
that type of thing is always the best management practices. So be happy to answer any other questions that you might have. 02:07:23
Alright, no other questions. 02:07:31
At this point, Mr. McConnell, do you want to, you have anything you want to add to that? 02:07:34
My name's Tom Holland, 13 speech St. the correct but however. 02:07:49
Have been investigated. 02:07:57
And just the French environment. 02:07:59
In addition to that, I want to. 02:08:03
The. 02:08:05
And they've also done some other testing. 02:08:09
And then we're. 02:08:12
Extra. 02:08:15
And he's been looking at it. I was kind of discouraged with my whole house. 02:08:16
And I thought maybe it would be best not. 02:08:20
Keep it. 02:08:24
Need. 02:08:30
Into. 02:08:31
Now what one of the things was we mentioned was tearing. 02:08:36
The court. 02:08:40
Marie was added on his service English. 02:08:42
Never, really. 02:08:45
There. 02:08:47
The roof was good. 02:08:49
A. 02:08:51
And so I was thinking about putting it back like it was. 02:08:53
Having that one room addition at this. 02:08:58
Wrapping the porch back around the house like it was. 02:09:02
Free. 02:09:05
So could we flip back to the picture and maybe just, I think we all understand, but are you referring to the room that's behind 02:09:08
the two trees there, Mr. McConnell? 02:09:12
OK. 02:09:17
OK. 02:09:19
All right. 02:09:23
Should be more historically accurate rebuilt that way, correct? 02:09:25
Well. 02:09:30
You. 02:09:35
Outdoor fun. 02:09:36
Of the plan was that that room actually never had been used. 02:09:41
Of. 02:09:46
Looking at it and. 02:09:48
We'd like to put it back. 02:09:54
Like it was in. 02:09:56
Saved in 19. 02:09:57
And then also I've gotten we've been getting quotes on. 02:09:59
Asbestos. 02:10:02
Completely redoing the roof. 02:10:05
And taking that room and just losing that square footage. 02:10:08
Mr. Baxter, do you have anything you want to add? I you know it is. 02:10:13
It is, you know, really important to us that. 02:10:17
We don't always often say we don't have a lot of historic homes in Watkinsville, so we fight really hard to keep everyone that we 02:10:20
can and we may lose the battles occasionally, but we want to win everyone. 02:10:24
It's, you know, we just don't have any excess inventory. So Mr. McConnell, thank you for doing the homework and Mr. Mr. Baxter, 02:10:30
thank you for doing. 02:10:34
The work on understanding this. 02:10:38
Yep, Yep. 02:10:41
Well, thank you. It's, it's a beautiful home. It's a beautiful home. 02:10:45
Truly is. 02:10:49
I can show you pictures of him after I did a lot of work on. 02:10:54
Things happen where. 02:10:58
Mm-hmm. 02:11:00
And I didn't. 02:11:01
Actually, Japan's got known scaffolding in hand. Straight to every piece of that side is down to bare wood. 02:11:04
On the exterior, there's no clean. 02:11:09
Hospital and this. 02:11:13
15 years ago when I was younger. 02:11:16
And. 02:11:19
We've been had a lot of other things come along. 02:11:20
Without. 02:11:24
But getting rid of the asbestos roof? 02:11:24
When we talked. 02:11:28
The branch environment. 02:11:30
And I've had two or three people who say I'll just get up there and take. 02:11:32
And they didn't know what the word excuses meant. 02:11:36
And I called another roofing company with a very good reputation. 02:11:40
And I. 02:11:45
Did you know about asbestos roots? He said yes, And So what do you know? 02:11:47
Well, you have to get men in space. 02:11:51
That's all I got from them. 02:11:55
To. 02:12:01
Actually. 02:12:02
It was a pretty shaped house, it. 02:12:05
I love it. I love the Bay on it. 02:12:08
But when I compare it and I see how it was built. 02:12:12
When it was first built. 02:12:16
It has. 02:12:18
And has plaster inside. 02:12:22
There's no storm. 02:12:24
There's nothing in between the outside studs and the inside plastic. 02:12:27
It was built very inexpensively. 02:12:31
1. 02:12:34
And the flooring was not even a sub floor. 02:12:36
It was just one single piece. 02:12:39
1 by 4 lbs. 02:12:42
There's no subfloor that was. 02:12:45
Going cheating. 02:12:48
Surprises. 02:12:54
For 115 years. 02:12:56
Well, that's that's beautiful. So what we need to move forward tonight. I think we'd like to approve this. We just need to have 02:12:59
some idea of when those I know you're working on getting contractors, but we're going to. 02:13:04
Condition approval upon work getting going pretty soon so it doesn't deteriorate further. So what are you, what are you thinking 02:13:10
in terms of starting that? 02:13:14
OK. 02:13:19
And they're working me up the price. And then they told me some letters. 02:13:22
Uh. 02:13:30
10 days from the EPA and working in their. 02:13:31
OK. 02:13:35
Getting somebody else who has to coordinate. 02:13:38
When they get the results, put the roof back home so they can be there immediately. 02:13:41
Is just getting torn off permanent. 02:13:46
So. 02:13:49
So the roof is the first step, is that correct then? 02:13:52
Process. 02:13:57
So I'll have better access to. OK, so I do. 02:13:58
I just think you know again given the deterioration could, is it fair to say that work should begin within 45 days? 02:14:05
Is that enough time? 02:14:11
Well, as far as, yeah, but I can't do anything till I get the asbestos taken care of and I'm dependent on. 02:14:14
What? 02:14:21
They're they're telling me. 02:14:23
He hasn't gotten back with an exact date. 02:14:25
OK. 02:14:31
All right, all right, Kiki. 02:14:32
Hey. 02:14:36
So. 02:14:38
Worked on the ancestors the waiting for them to come back. Our goal is to start it within 45 days where we apply for a line of 02:14:39
credit with the bank to have that in. We've had three roofers come see us and so once you get this, that's the people which we 02:14:46
hope to have with them in 20 days or so to prevent business plan to go OK so. 02:14:53
Yeah, I understand. It's hard for you to make a firm commitment. Maybe if we did 40-5 days. 02:15:03
45 days. And then we, what would be our next, didn't come back. 02:15:09
But I think the next concern would be, you know there doesn't want to be a demolition and then a stop. So it would be a demolition 02:15:38
and then the continuation of those administrative construction items and the new roof coming on. So I would say the new 02:15:44
construction would need to start, you know subsequent to that, so either 30 to 45 days after the demolition starting in the next 02:15:49
45 days. Does that sound reasonable? 02:15:55
Actually doing some of that myself. 02:16:02
So OK. 02:16:06
Let me just, let me just get us, try to get us, try to get us to the finish line here. So demolition begins in 45 days and then 02:16:08
the roof would begin no later than 30 days after that, correct? OK. Is that something we can live with staff? 02:16:15
Yeah. So, so again, you know, there'll be weather permitting and the other things, but I think that days were ultimately we're 02:16:23
talking about 75 days, so. So from today, yeah. 02:16:27
I'm still waiting a little bit of asbestos report on that. 02:16:32
4th roof, which I know was just roll roofing and it was way past asbestos time because I'm waiting on it before. 02:16:37
I don't want to disturb any of that until. 02:16:47
OK, well y'all, y'all communicate with staff. If the time frame changes, will need to talk about it. But I think if we can try to 02:16:55
operate within that framework, that will give us certainty. 02:17:00
You know, this home will stand. Hopefully another 115 years. Yep. 02:17:04
All right. So, Council, if we're willing to operate with that constraint, then I'll take. 02:17:09
A motion to that effect and we'll we'll move this forward if everyone's in support. 02:17:14
I'd like to make a motion that we approve. 02:17:21
Demolition as proposed with this subsequent. 02:17:24
Timing added to it as well. 02:17:29
45 days for demolition to begin and the roof to begin. 30 days subsequent to when demolition starts. Yes. OK Sound good? 02:17:32
OK, well, you need a second for. I know, I know, I'm just clarifying. 02:17:40
We have a second for Mr. Garrett. Mr. Dickerson, Yeah. So the only thing I just want to make sure because we don't need a part. 02:17:45
They don't need a permit to do the roof. They've got to do that asbestos stuff. But. 02:17:49
But building the porch they will. 02:17:53
And so I'd like to you know I guess I'd like some clarification that they that they will also that they will pull building permit 02:17:56
for the porch. 02:18:00
To be rebuilt within a certain number of days as well, maybe within 30 days of the roof being, you know, being pulled, you know, 02:18:05
constructed a permit. Yeah, pull a permit. Because once they pull a permit, they have six months to show progress that they don't, 02:18:11
they can lose their permit and that creates a whole administrative, so 45 days. 02:18:16
Yep. 02:18:24
I believe you were talking to forks would come after the roof is already reinstalled. I have. I don't know the order I. 02:18:37
Understand there needs to be a building permit for the. 02:18:44
And I'm just waiting on a little bit of aspects problem with it. 02:18:47
And then I thought, I would like on the main body of the house, the roof on the main body of the house which needs. 02:18:52
And then, then then rebuild. The room will not be there anymore, right? 02:19:00
All right. 02:19:06
So then we'd like to have the building permit, and it can happen sooner. You can do the building permit anytime you want to, but 02:19:08
we'd like to have the building permit then again. 02:19:11
Within 30 days of work commencing on the roof. OK, All right. So that's, that's our motion. If you're good with that. Do we have a